Electrostation Presents DJ Raketa & Stereo Noize In The Mix

Have you ever heard a mix of 21 tracks in less than 3 minutes? I think not. But DJ Raketa from his Raketa Blog send us this awesome mix with plenty of tracks. :) Stereo Noize did Video mix. For more about this art you can see on his Stereo Noize Blog.

STEREO RAKETA (minimix) from StereoNoize on Vimeo.

both Russian
21 songs in 2:50


dj-set - RAKETA (Raketa's Blog)
video mixing - STEREONOIZE (Stereo Noize Blog).

1. Birdy Nam Nam - Worried (Djedjotronic remix)
2. LFO - Freak
3. Djedjotronic - Gum Attack
4. Jesse Rose - Forget My Name
5. Zombie Nation - Forza
6. Mr Oizo - Gey Dentists (JFK remix)
7. Le Le - Disco Vraiment
8. Bondo De Tigaro - Cerol Na Mao
9. Jape - Floating (DIM remix)
10. Buffalo Bunch - Take it to the Streets
11. Kissy Sell Out - This Kiss (Jack Beatsremix)
12. Crazy Cousinz - Bongo Jam (L-Vis 1990 & Bok Bok remix)
13. ZZT - the Worm (Original Munich version)
14. Les Petits Pilous - Housi
15. Crookers - Love to Edit
16. Zoo Brazil & Adam Sky - Circle Jerk (the Bloody Beetroots remix)
17. Liquid Liquid - Optimo (An Optimo (Espacio) remix)
18. Prinzhorn Dance School - You are the Space Invader (An Optimo (Espacio) remix)
19. Spank Rock - Top Billin' From Far Left
20. Outlander - the Vamp (Strip Steve Mongoloid remix)
21. The Korgis - Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometimes

Download Mix as Mp3 File @ mediafire

Enjoy in this art cause it's growing bigger and bigger!


Sarit Narukatpichai said...

This is awesome! This could be on Annie Mac minimix.

Anonymous said...

Just an fyi.....this art is not new, DJ's in Chicago in the 90's were making street mixtapes with crazy edits, like 200 tracks on a 60min. cassette, but with a killer intro with way more than 21 tracks in 3min.
DJ Bobby D is a prime veteran example of one of the originators of "Edits"

DJ VoOdoO said...

I meant on this video edits :]

Anonymous said...

Its pretty good, but with modern laptop technology it is nowhere near impressive as old skool mixing.

Anonymous said...

awesome, fuck yeah ruskieeee daaaaa haha.....ps: "Raketa" means "Rocket" in russian

DJ VoOdoO said...

It means also in Serbian. :)

Anonymous said...

and also in poland ^^

Ben said...

haha, this guy has some serious A.D.D. cool vid

Anonymous said...

Excellent work both ends.... Good flow..

Anonymous said...

The tracks in this tape... is the kind of music you could find on this blog before. electro-station... i don't think so

Anonymous said...

Love it! Great flow.

p.s, raketa means rocket in Serbian too :p

g marino said...

finally a good mix

keep it up

Little Boy said...

For the Annie Mac minimax I love the one "His majesty Andre" made = More than 100 songs in 5 min.


So amazing!

Anonymous said...

this completely sucked i couldnt get into the vibe of any song on there. Hopefully this art just disappears cause it is truly shitty.

Lil' Ernie Groove said...

Peeped it coo mix, but this is what we call intros for mixes! Nothing new this been done since back in da day! This was a basic for all dj's from LA & Chicago since way back! Not hatin only real talk...rspx

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This minimalist trip can turn anyone life into bloodshot ecstasy, thank you! DJ Raketa knows exactly how to do a stunning mix