Upcoming / Daft Punk - One More Time (Seb Leger Mix)

Imagine you were there when he played this... Freaky stuff. Gives me goosebumps. Too bad Seb won't release it... C'mon Sebastien.. For the good of mankind! Release it! Umm... If anyone who knows Sebastien Leger or someone who knows someone who knows Seb or someone who knows someone... Arghhh, you get the idea. :(

Halloween Tech-House Tracks

Hey everybody, ImanoS back again. I hope you all have a fun Halloween I myself plan to see Felix Da Housecat tonight. Here is an assortment of newly released tech-house tracks to get your Halloween started. Enjoy!

Paolo Driver And Andrea Mocce - Mamoru (Original Mix)

Paolo Driver And Andrea Mocce - Mamoru (Fog Filtershift Mix)

Chris Special - Go Deep (Original Mix)

Chris Special - Spaced Out (Original Mix)

Milton Channels - You Lose (Original Mix)

Milton Channels - You Lose (Alex Font Reix)

Milton Channels - You Lose (Odsounds Remix)

Milton Channels - You Lose (Rodrigo Carreira Remix)

Milton Channels - You Lose (Gabriel Robella Remix)

Milton Channels - You Lose (Hugo Rizzo Remix)

Milton Channels - You Lose (Rocha & Lewinger Tech House Mix)

SQL - Warhola

Hey guys I am ImanoS and this is my first post for Electro Station. I use to run another blog, HouseTastic and I am a young DJ/Producer living in Toronto, Canada. Anyways that is enough about me and on to the track. This is a great progressive number from SQL that reminds me of some of the recent Adam K stuff. Enjoy!

Artist: SQL
Title: Warhola (Original Mix)
Genre: Progressive House
Quality: 320k
Length: 8:23
Size: 19.2 MB


Here I Come!

It accured to me that many of you guys hate upload services that we use. What can I say about it... As everyone of you wish I'm sure, uploading on zippyshare is the best solution. BUT.. With so much tracks to share in such short notice, how do you expect from us to do so? Second, ocassionally, we have a problem uploading on zippy from Serbia. Dunno why, maybe cuz of the hosting service... Third, sometimes it's just easier for me to copy/paste links from my mail.. And fourth, not everything in life comes up the way you wanted to be, right? Sometimes you have to do a bit more than just a click and download... I'm sorry, but it's just life.

Anyway, massive post again... I got a life with problems, exams, issues, etc. too, you know? Enjoy. :)

DJ DLG - Fantasy (Original Mix)

DJ DLG - Hypnotizing (Original Mix) * Recommended

Lissat & Voltaxx - Release Yourself (Vocal Club Mix)

D.O.N.S. feat. Terri B. - You Used To Hold Me (Original Mix)

Avicii - Lazy Lace (Avicii Sexy Edit)

EDX - Casa Grande (Original Mix)

Outsiderz feat. Beverley Knight - Keep This Fire Burning (Freemasons Remix)

Ron Caroll - Bump To This (Muzzaik Remix)

Hakimakli - Dilly Dally (Laurent Wolf Club Remix) * Recommended

Thomas Schwartz - The Gift (Original Mix)

Jorge Martin S. - Heat (Player & Remady Remix)

Santiago Cortes - Gitano (Robbie Rivera Remix) * Recommended

Chriss Ortega Feat Chandler Pereira - Love Is Here (Sunloverz Remix)

Chriss Ortega Feat Chandler Pereira - Love Is Here (Original Mix)

Chriss Ortega Feat Chandler Pereira - Love Is Here (Mario Ochoa Remix) tnx zZz

David Guetta - Everytime We Touch (Marco G Remix)

Sebastien Bennett - Dancin (Original Mix)

Roman Salzger - Solaris (Avicii Greets Joia Mix)

Steve Angello & Laidback Luke - Be The House Down (Laidback Luke 08' Bootleg) * Recommended

Chuckie - Let The Bass Kick (Original Mix)

Diplo - Blow Your Head * only for true fidget/jackin lovers, other will hate it

Diplo ft Rye Rye - Wassup Wassup (Crookers Remix) * screw VoOdoO, Crookers rule ^^

Diplo ft Rye Rye - Wassup Wassup (Bart B More Remix) * Recommended

Diplo ft Rye Rye - Wassup Wassup (DJ Sega Remix)

Paul Bingham - Extra Sensory Perception (Robbie Rivera Mix)


This is so sick progressive track... I can really feel the sensation with this track playing it out loud! Absolutely delightful track! I am so "Thrilled" that I can not describe it ;)

Artist: Richard Grey
Title: Vadella (Original Mix)
Genre: Progressive House
Quality: 320k
Lenght: 7:16
Size: 16.6 MB

Download @ zippyshare!

Love Is Here / Stonebridge Remix

Long waiting release! Again Stonebridge shows how to make a great dancefloor bomb. For those people who love vocal electro this track will fulfill their expectations! Enjoy <3>

Artist: Chriss Ortega feat. Chandler Pereira

Title: Love Is Here (Stonebridge Remix)

Genre: Electro House

Quality: 320k

Lenght: 7:01

Size: 16.1 MB

Download @ rapidshare!

What Is House?

Released yesterday on Defected Records this tune is must-have for all true house lovers! Totally refreshing - this tune goes into my top10 of the month of October. Great vocals, great melody, great rhytm = GREAT song :)

Artist: David Penn & Robert Gaez
Title What Is House? (Club Mix)
Genre: Club House
Quality: 320k
Lenght: 6:31
Size: 14.95
Download @ zippyshare!

John Deere / Stripping Sounds 005

As most of you know - we from electrostation always want to promote uprising producers/DJs that have potential to become one of the Ibiza finnest :) Today we have honour to present you one of the biggest progressive Serbian producers which tracks went into Beatport top50 and were played by many famous DJs (list is quite long...) - Nemanja Mirkovic aka John Deere.

John Deere Biography

Nemanja Mirkovic aka John Deere is a talented producer and DJ fromSerbia. Since the age of 15 he has been inspired with sounds of electronic music, and at that time he had bought his first gramophones and had started playing Techno, but not long after he became occupied with more melodic and softer sound.

At the age of 19 he had entered the world of Progressive house. Not only he is a DJ, he also produces. His first release came out for Australian label Swordtail Records. His first release “Casanova” has had the positive effect with the critics, and famous DJs and producers from all over the world charted it, and played it. Markus Schulz (13th DJ in the world) has played “Casanova” in his Global DJ Broadcast show. After that release John Deere's career has gone upwards and he has been releasing tracks for various labels from all over the world since, such as: Tribal Vision, Vertikal Records, Swordtail Records, Flash Records, Deep East Records, Balkan Connection, Millennium Records, Yellow Sunshine Explosion and System Recordings.

The release Discotron, which came out for the world known Czech label Tribal Vision, when it came out as a CD Single it had been at the first place on English online shop juno.co.uk in the genre of progressive house sound for two weeks. Moreover, the remix of his track Flesh Taste, done by Australian producer Luke Porter had the significant success when reached 49th place at the most famous digital download shop beatport.com.  ::Download Discotron EP @ 320k::

John Deere had started his own show “Stripping Sounds” at danceradio.gr in June 2008, with not only his own mixes, but also guest ones from DJs and producers from around the world. He has signed the exclusive contract for his first album with the German label Vertikal Records and this release can be expected in November 2008. As a DJ he has been a guest in many radio shows around the world. He has played in all the cities, and almost all bigger towns, in Serbia, and also in Herceg Novi, Montenegro. International shows are expected as a part of the promotion of his album.

At the moment, Nemanja is studying audio engineering and preparing new
releases, which will most likely easily find the way to the famous DJs and
producers from all around the world, regards of his 17 releases till now.

John Deere - Dancy Trippy Mix for Stripping Sounds 005


1. Kim Fai - Pass A Roach [Toolroom]
2. M.Safras & M. Broom - Crabsticks (District One Remix) [Material]
3. Home Video - That You Might (Sasha Invol2ver Remix) [Global Underground]
4. Henry Saiz - Hello, Infinite [Renaissance]
5. Kim Fai - Excuses [Toolroom]
6. Erphun - 2wo Butterflies (Version 1) [Audio Therapy]
7. Redhead - Boxing Machine [Red Factory]
8. Pryda - Wakanapi [Pryda Recordings]
9. Duca - Zakon [Tribal Vision]
10. ID

For more info visit http://www.myspace.com/johndeeremusic & support the artist!

Requests / 27th October

Sorry for being late with this post. Because of the lack of time, I really don't know when will the next requests be answered, but stay tuned.

Thanks to tonyrella :

Mark Brown & Micky Slim - You Know Whats Up (Micky Slim Edit)
Roman Flügel - Geht's Noch
Klaas - The Way (Hype Mix)
Eddie Thoneick - Together As One feat. Bonse (Klaas Club Mix)
Erick Decks - Wild Obsession (Klaas Remix)
BDT - Panic Attack (Original Mix)

Thanks to noize :

Tittsworth - WTF (Nadastrum on Drugs Remix)
Visionaire - Dizzy Hights (Original Mix)
Musetta - Red Star (Michael Casette Remix)
David Penn - Revolution (Original Mix)
Koen Groeneveld - Pull Up (Original Mix)
Martin Sharp - Turn Over (Wesley S One More for the Claw Remix)
Seamus Haji & Lords of Flatbush - 24 Hours (Funkagendas Morphine Bass Dub)
Piemont - Black Smoker (Original Mix)
Alex Gold - Give It Up (Adam K, Soha & Alex Gold Remix)



Well hi everyone and welcome back again. I opened this new page to spread a new wave or horizons of the blog. Your requests need to be posted in the comments section right below the post.
Make sure to post your request comment in the correct post(most recent post). VoOdoO and myself will do one of this every week, typically at the end of a week/start of next week. We will choose 5 or 10 best tracks, which means not every request will be fulfilled. But don't be upset if we miss some week to post. That's probably gonna happen if we fail to find them in one week period. So enjoy this pages and the blog itself!

Buy the tracks and respect the artists.

All Work No Play Makes Jack A Dull Boy

Wow... Such a busy week coming.. College, training, private stuff... So little time for blogging & posting. So I brought along some cool people : DJ VoOdoO , DJ DeYaN & ImanoS. VoOdoO & ImanoS had their own blogs, so they are experienced posters, but DeYan is still learning, so have patience. I'll probably make posts like this for a while, sorry 'bout that..

Ricardo Reyna - Hasta Que Salga La Luna (Dave Ramone Mix)

Kristine W - Feel What You Want (Mark Simmons Edit) fixed

Coldplay - Clocks (Audible's Reboot)

Pryda - Wakanapi (DJ DLG Re-Edit)

Steve Angello vs. Eurythmics - Sleep Sweet Dear Gypsy (Dirty South Bootleg)

Honey Ryder - Fly Away (Chriss Ortega & Thomas Gold Vocal Mix)

Reza - There Is Power (Thomas Gold Remix)

Rick Ross - Hustlin (Paul Anthony & ZXX Remix)

Funkagenda & Paul Thomas - Thrapp (Muzikjunki remix)

El Zoomah

Brand new tune from this year,
my favourite at the moment!It's real house track,should be killer for dancefloors.Since this is my first upload, hopefully you'll like it!Enjoy...

Artist : Uberfett
Title : El Zoomah
Genre : House
Quality : 192 kbps
Lenght : 6:38
Size : 9,14 MBits


Old But Gold - No. 2 Tune

From 1998 tune composed with Thomas Bangalter of Daft Punk. I wanted to post this funky ass tune cuz soon the Laidback Luke remix will come out (as far as I heard). Until then enjoy this classic!

Artist: Bob Sinclar & Thomas Bangalter
Title: Gym Tonic
Genre: French House
Quality: 320k
Lenght: 6:09 
Size: 14.11 MB

Download @ zippshare!


  A-M-A-Z-I-N-G electro!!! I am really not into fidget house but this is pure electro remix done by Urchins. Also lyrics are "Ajde kuku lele mi neshto... Ajde neshto reci mi..." for those who understand serbian done by Fagget Fairys. :D  Really top tune in Serbia!

Artist: AC Slater feat. Fagget Fairys
Title: Kuku (Urchins Remix)
Genre: Electro House
Quality: 320k
Lenght:  5:56
Size: 13.6 MB

Download @ zippyshare!


Gas Face

New from Tong & Spoon... Nothing special.

Artist : Dave Spoon & Pete Tong
Title : Gas Face (Original Mix)
Genre : Progressive
Quality : 320 kbps
Length : 6:36
Size : 15.23 MB



I prefer the original, but good techy sound from mr. Benait.

Artist : John Dahlback
Title : Everywhere (Elvis Benait Remix)
Genre : Tech House / Progressive
Quality : 320 kbps
Length : 7:35
Size : 17.38 MB


Are You Ready / Roman Salzger Mix

Had it for a long time, got out just now..

Artist : Joachim Garraud
Title : Are You Ready (Roman Salzger Remix)
Genre : Electro House
Quality : 320 kbps
Length : 5:23
Size : 12.34 MB


Sorry people, I've been away for this weekend - went to some retarded party to play instead of my friend :] Anyways, I'm back with this amazing remix of this smashing song. I must say it totally fits with Laidback Luke polyphonic melody, but it has a great tribal progressive rhythm that moves everyone on the dancefloor! Really big vocal tune! Enjoy <3>

Artist: DJ Disciple, David Tort, DJ Ruff
Title: Destination (Christian Vila Remix)
Genre: Tribal/Progressive House
Quality: 320k 
Lenght: 8:48
Size: 19.5 MB

Download @ rapidshare!

Time Is Money

Scotty - The Black Pearl (Dave Darell Radio Edit) Electro House

John Dahlback vs Shakedown - Pyramid At Night (Hardwell Bootleg) Progressive

Outwork Feat Jay Rolandi - Up & Down (Original) Electro House / Progressive

Outwork Feat Jay Rolandi - Up & Down (Chriss Ortega Mix) Electro House

Outwork Feat Jay Rolandi - Up & Down (Club) Electro House / Progressive

Outwork Feat Jay Rolandi - Up & Down (Outwork DJ Set Mix) Electro House

Moonbootica & Jan Delay - I'm Raving (Original Mix) Progressive

Booty Luv - Dance Dance (Hardwell Remix) Tech House

Arno Cost - Souvenir (Mathieu Bouthier & Muttonheads Remix) Tech House

Jean Claude Ades - African Voices Progressive / Tech House

D.O.N.S. feat. Terri B - You Used To Hold Me (Syke N Sugarstarr Remix) Electro House

Manuel De La Mare - Born Slippy (MDLM Mix) Tech House

Pryda Vs. Pnau - Baby Bug Stockholm Progressive / Tech House

Spencer & Hill - Dumb Party (Original Mix) Electro House

Shimmy Shake

Two more mixes from Kevax & 740 Boys.

Kevax Feat 740 Boyz - Shimmy Shake (Steve'N King Edit)

Kevax Feat 740 Boyz - Shimmy Shake (Short Mix)

Genre : Electro House
Quality : 320 kbps
Length : 3:31 / 3:41
Size : 8.05 MB / 8.43 MB


Great style of Tocadisco.

Artist : Sultan
Title : Protection (Tocadisco Remix)
Genre : Progressive / Tech
Quality : 320 kbps
Length : 6:55
Size : 15.86 MB


RBB / Laidback Luke Remix

This one is for biggest LL fan - Miksa :D Totally expected remix from one of the top producers in last 2 years... Enjoy! <3

Artist: Dada Life
Title: RBB (Laidback Luke Remix)
Genre: Electro House
Quality: 320k
Lenght: 6:16
Size: 14.37 MB


Follow Me

This is the best 2008 Ibiza Summer Song! I am really impressed with this new remix of this classic tune from 1992. Totally dancefloor bomb! If you want to make good impression in the club you should play this :) Enjoy the tune of the week!

Artist: Aly Us
Title: Follow Me (Lucci & Marshall Mix)
Genre: House
Quality: 320k
Lenght: 7:34
Size: 17.34 MB


Ron Hardy Said / Prydz Mix

Oh hell yeah! Although it's pure techno, I love it!

Artist : Paolo Mojo & Jim Rivers
Title : Ron Hardy Said (Eric Prydz Remix)
Genre : Techno
Quality : 320 kbps
Length : 7:41
Size : 17.61 MB

+ Original Mix


Old But Gold - No. 1 Tune

You know what is funky house? This is funky house from 2002 :) Fix My Sink is slang languange and in translation it would mean "Fuck Me" :)) Wicked lyrics!

Artist: DJ Sneak feat. Bear Who?
Title: Fix My Sink
Genre: Funky House
Quality: 192k
Lenght: 5:17
Size: 7:26
Download @ zippyshare!

I Can't Live Without Music / ND Edit

Soon this dancefloor MONSTER will be released but until then I want you to take a good listen @ this pure candidate for my best '08 song. I totally identify with lyrics that you can see from the title :) Played by great Roger Sanchez in his essential mix... Enjoy!

Artist: The Transatlatins feat La India
Title: I Can't Live Without Music (ND Edit) 
Genre: House
Quality: 320k
Lenght: 7:22
Size: 16.87 MB

Download @ zippyshare!

Burning Inside

This one is huge. Great vocal with great rhythm and some strings melody. Classic club banger :)

Artist: Wally Lopez feat. Hadley
Title: Burning Inside (Albert Neve 808 Remix Edit)
Genre: Progressive House
Quality: 320k
Lenght: 8:59
Size: 20.57 MB

Download @ zippyshare!

Zippy vs Rapid :)

I know some of you complain about rapidshare cuz it sux (?) and It has some limitations (?) but I just want to put out some facts while I'm uploading on rapid.

1. I have retarded 128k upload and while I upload I surf a bit around the net. If I surf while I upload zippy will FAIL on upload while rapid won't.

2.  My speed on rapid is 13kb/s and on zippy around 10-11kb/s :/

3. I live in Serbia. (meaning rapid has better server in this country :] )


I'll try from now on to post only zippyshare (ads free) links cuz we have many subscribers but from time to time I will also post some rapidshare links :)

Soon comming "old but gold" tunes :) Enjoy people <3

Upcoming / Sebastien Leger - Majuro

What a track... It's something between progressive and electro-house with that very nice Leger style sound. Played in Odessa, Ukraine on some party. As much as I want Pryda's Helvettet, I want this too! Can't wait for it. Enjoy.

Oh and for the ones who haven't seen it, check out this Seb's sick video when speaker fell on him at Creamfields / Main Stage ... Sick one!

"This is the most crazy experience i EVER had in my whole 15 years dj career :

I was playing at Creamfields - Main stage, the party was absolutly amazing, the crowd was really nice (thanx to you !!!) and the weather was good !

But in 5 minutes time, that really good party just turned into the worst nightmarre EVER : Apocalypse.

Look at the sky during the video on the left side on the screen, you slowly see appearing a massive BLACK clouds coming thru... At that time i thoug it will be raining, but not as bad as the following things !...

At 3 minute, you can hear a noise and the music stopped, it was a big piece of whatever falling down on the turntable, but then suddenly a MASSIVE wind came and started to pushing everything down see at 3'09; and then the huge speakers wall that was on my leftside just fall down on me !!! I avoid it miraculously, just been hurted on my arm, bit of blood but nothing tooo bad ! Then the camera stopped, but i can tell you the rest was just pure hell, everything started to collapse, i had to catch (save) my records and just run away !! Festival cancelled :(

Thanx for the people that enjoyed this 45 minutes with such a crazy ending !!"

You can see two more videos from the crowd :


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MEq8KjUGRK8 - "And here you can see at the begining of the video, the massive speakers on my left handside crashing down on me (look closer, behind the guy with his beer)"

No Time...

Again... Sorry.

Deadmau5 - Ghosts And Stuff

Bimbo Jones - Don't Want Me No More (Original Mix)

Dinka - Meaningful Story (Original Mix)

Eric Prydz vs. Danny Tenaglia - Pjanoo Is The Answer played by Axwell

Supermayer - 2 Of Us (Deadmau5 Edit)

Some tracks from ImanoS, tnx mate.

David Penn Ft. Darren J Bell - Revolution (Hardsoul Vocal Mix)

David Penn Ft. Darren J Bell - Revolution (David Tort Remix)

David Penn Ft. Darren J Bell - Revolution (Original Mix)

Some tracks from Cristi , tnx mate.

Mark Knight and Funkagenda - Man With The Red Face (JFK Club Mix)

Mark Knight and Funkagenda - Man With The Red Face (Mar-t and Betoko Remix)

Mark Knight and Funkagenda - Man With The Red Face (Jack de Molay The President Remix)

Mark Knight and Funkagenda - Man With The Red Face (DJ Morris T. Remix)

Mark Knight and Funkagenda - Man With The Red Face (Siwell and Simone Vitullo Remix)

Mark Knight and Funkagenda - Man With The Red Face (Klement Bonelli Remix)

Ferry Corsten - Radio Crash (Original Extended Mix)

Ferry Corsten - Radio Crash (House Krush Mix)

Ferry Corsten - Radio Crash (Muzikjunki Remix)

Requests / 11th October

tnx to tonyrella
Hard-Fi - Suburban Knights (Steve Angello & Seb Ingrosso Mix)
Boris Push - Miami Push (Original Mix)
Lange feat. Sarah Nowells - Out Of The Sky EP
Plato - Haah!
Butch - Amelie EP
Mark Trophy - Ripper (Original Mix)
Steve Angello - Teasing Mr. Charlie (Extended Mix)
Edu K - Gatas Gatas Gatas (Crookers Remix)
Mylo feat. Freeform Five - Muscle Car (Sander Kleinenberg Remix)
Daft Punk - Touch It Technologic (Alive Club Mix)
Westbam feat. Hardy Hard and Snoop Dogg - What's Crackin

tnx to noize
ATFC - Bad Habit (ATFC 2008 Dub Edit)
Style of Eye - Girls
Keemo and tym Royko - Beautiful Lie (Tym Royko Remix)
Bodybangers - A far L´Amore
XPress 2 - Lazy (full release incl moto blanco remix)
Dani L. Mebius & Praia Del Sol - Private Pool Project (Original Mix)
Dead Prez - Hip Hop (Diplo Mix)
Dubfire vs EDX - Final Road (The BeatThiefs Festival Bootleg)

tnx to bumzua
Natalie Williams - You Don't Know (Laidback Luke Remix)

tnx to me
Eric Prydz And Cirez D - Fabric Test-Bootleg Vinyl-2008-iDC



Well hi everyone and welcome back again. I opened this new page to spread a new wave or horizons of the blog. Your requests need to be posted in the comments section right below the post.
Make sure to post your request comment in the correct post(most recent post). VoOdoO and myself will do one of this every week, typically at the end of a week/start of next week. We will choose 5 or 10 best tracks, which means not every request will be fulfilled. But don't be upset if we miss some week to post. That's probably gonna happen if we fail to find them in one week period. So enjoy this pages and the blog itself!

It would be cool if you could give us a Beatport or Traxsource link of the track or where you heard it.

WWW / Gold Ryan & Tapesh Mix

Massive from these guys! tnx zZz

Artist : Axwell & Bob Sinclar feat. Ron Caroll
Title : What A Wonderful World (Gold Ryan & Tapesh Remix)
Genre : Tech House
Quality : 320 kbps
Length : 7:41
Size : 17.62 MB


Live Again / Stonebridge Remix

This is absolutely delightfull vocal piano tune! Pure bomb for the dancefloor. You are not allowed to miss it! Enjoy this wicked house tune and post a comment if you like :)

Artist: Riza

Title: Live Again (Stonebridge Remix)

Genre: House

Quality: 320k

Lenght: 8:06

Size: 18.6 MB


I'm Alive

This song I was chasing quite a long time in 320k. This in every way is going into top10 of the month! Albert Neve & David Oleart (Neve's pic on the blog btw) really did great work. Female vocals with balearic guitars in breakdown makes this track totally great! Every sound is so simple but it perfectly fits into each other! I would rate it 8/10 <3>

Artist: Albert Neve & David Oleart
Title: I'm Alive (Extended Mix)
Genre: (Commercial) House
Quality: 320k
Lenght: 6:28
Size: 14.8 MB


To Be Free / Favretto Remix

This one is for my commercial people who just enjoy these tracks! Favretto comes from Italy with this future bomb! Vocal is deliciousy amazing with smooth guitars laying over the bouncy movin' rhythm. I know you'll love this one <3>

Artist: Channing
Title: To Be Free (Favretto Extended Remix) 
Genre: Commercial House 
Quality: 320k
Lenght: 6:47
Size: 15.5 MB


One question?

I know most of you people are searching for the newest and the most quality tunes you can get around the net, but I really wondered If you would like to download some of the old tunes - like one from 1999 or 2003 - or even older.

You know, "old but gold" tunes. Tunes that will represent their genre in every way. I mean... these tunes should take you to that times when house music was made with really inspiration and love... And not only that... It would educate you in some way so that you can have even better taste in music & tunes you search for.

It would be only one or two tunes posted per week. Please post your opinion in comments.

Thanks! (DJ VoOdoO)

Ultimate Rise

This one is truely interesting track... How should I describe it? The bass and kick are very similiar to John Revox - Ole song but this one has electro-polyphonic melody in the breakdown. Pretty amusing track. I would rate it 7/10 :]

Artist: Alvaro presents Luxx
Title: Ultimate Rise (Original Mix)
Genre: Electro House
Quality: 320k
Lenght: 6:28 
Size: 14.9 MB

Download - Mirror Link

As most of you people know this man knows how to run the party. I really can't say anything bad about his style cuz it's really massive that none of us could reach his diapason of making the crowd moving through different genres of music. This track is made for masses, so it's totally MASSIVE. Enjoy the beautiful wicked tune of electro God.

Artist: 68 Beats
Title: The Funk Is Funking Up My Mind (Robbie Rivera Wicked Mix)
Genre: Electro
Quality: 320k
                                                                                            Lenght: 7:16
                                                                                            Size: 16.7 MB

Fucking Babylon

The rhythm is totally in Noferini's or R.I.O's style but saxofon melody is totally Congaman's :) Lyrics goes something like "We gonna bang the drums... Fuck Babylon..." - something like it's Babylon fault for wars LOL, but anyways it's great song and I think this one should go into top10 of the month.

Artist: Congaman
Title: Fucking Babylon (Original Vocal Mix) 
Genre: House
Quality: 320k
Lenght: 5:27
Size: 12.5 MB


I really like guitar tracks as you all already know, so this one I really wanna share with you. We are talking about "A Tu Lado" which means "To Your Side" - really great vocal latin house with a bit electro stomping synths from the backround. It will be I hope all over the radio station, but until then, let's keep it here in our electro-station :)

Arist: U-Ness feat. Robina
Title: A Tu Lado (Coronabros Vocal Mix)
Genre: Latin House
Quality: 320k
Lenght: 7:51
Size: 17.9 MB


Buttons / Chris Lake Remix

For those people who recently came on this blog, I just want to tell you people that we are ELECTRO-STATION because of tracks like these :) Enjoy perfect remix of non-other than master Chris Lake himself <3>

Artist: Sia
Title: Buttons (Chirs Lake Remix)
Genre: Electro House
Quality: 320k
Lenght: 6:42
Size: 15.4 MB


The Violin

Really amazing song. This one defines conjuction between soft violin melody and nice electro riffs. Really awesome or must-have track! Ladies and Gentleman...

Artist: Mick Kastenholt
Title: The Violin (Original Mix)
Genre: Electro House
Quality: 320k
Lenght 9:19 
Size: 21.4 MB

Download - Mirror Link

Biosfera / Outwork Remix

I don't know how I missed this one but It's really something different and quality from Outwork. It's very important that producer can make different music and not only cookie-cutter songs :] Enjoy this progressive beauty. <3

Artist: Paolo Aliberti
Title: Biosfera (Outwork Remix)
Genre: Progressive/Trance House
Quality: 320k
Lenght: 7:21
Size: 16.9 MB


The Beautiful People

What an idea to remix this track...

Artist : Marilyn Manson
Title : The Beautiful People (Sebastien Leger Remix)
Genre : Electro House
Quality : 320 kbps
Length : 6:05
Size : 13.93 MB


What A Wonderful World / Nari & Milani Remix

I want it. :( Nevermind... Enjoy!

Artist : Axwell and Bob Sinclar Feat. Ron Carroll
Title : What A Wonderful World (Nari and Milani Remix)
Genre : Progressive
Quality : 320 kbps
Length : 8:33
Size : 19.59 MB


Now I Found You

Was in requests but decided to post alone... Banger!

Artist : 4th Child
Title : Now I Found You (Robbie Rivera Club Mix)
Genre : Electro House / Juicy Electro
Quality : 320 kbps
Length : 7:50
Size : 17.95 MB


Ummm... Sorry

Yeah... Sorry guys for posting like this today, I'm short on time right now, various reasons... Anyway, enjoy it, many quality tunes in this post.

Felix da Housecat & Diddy - Jack U (Original Mix)

Felix da Housecat & Diddy - Jack U (Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso Remix)

Felix da Housecat & Diddy - Jack U (JKF MSTRKRFT Edit)

Luke Chable & TV Rock - Happiness (Original Mix)

Luke Chable & TV Rock - Happiness (TV Rock Club Mix)

Luke Chable & TV Rock - Happiness (Nari & Milani Mix)

Luke Chable & TV Rock - Happiness (Eddie Thoneick Mix)

Luke Chable & TV Rock - Happiness (Luke Chable Extended Edit)

Karanyi & Judie Jay - Libido (Dave Ramone & Thomas Gold Mix)

Deadmau5 - Clockwork (Original Mix)

Deadmau5 - Clockwork (Jonas Steur Ultra Violence Remix)

Passenger 10 - Mirage (EDX 5un5hine Remix)

Passenger 10 - Mirage (Original Mix)

Passenger 10 - Mirage (Dub Mix)

Melleefresh & Deadmau5 - Sex Slave

Jax N F - Sunshine (Extended Remix)

Jax N F - Sunshine (Jerry Ropero Remix)

Jax N F - Sunshine (Boogie Pimps Remix)

Feelin' 4 You / Oscar L & Ivan Pica Remix

This progressive remix comes from two spanish producers - Ivan Pica & Oscar L. They really did a great work on this one. Really nice bass line with interesting synth and re-worked vocal :) Give it a try! <3

Artist: DJ Chus, Peter Gelderblom
Title: Feelin' 4 You (Oscar L & Ivan Pica Remix)
Genre: Progressive House 
Quality: 320k
Lenght: 6:39 
Size: 15.3 MB


Nothing But Love For You / Rip

I ran up onto this yesterday... Someone recorded this on a mic but pretty cool sound, you get the idea and the vibe of the track... Enjoy.

Artist : Axwell Feat Errol Reid
Title : Nothing But Love For You / rip
Genre : Progressive
Quality : 320 kbps rip 320k ? hmm..
Length : 5:22
Size : 12.31 MB


Planet Drum

Great electro tune!

Artist : Rulers Of The Deep
Title : Planet Drum (Hoxton Whores Instrumental)
Genre : Electro House
Quality : 320 kbps
Length : 6:31
Size : 14.96 MB


Drop The Pressure

Ain't no pressure droping here!

Artist : Mylo
Title : Drop The Pressure (Laidback Luke Bootleg)
Genre : Electro House
Quality : 320 kbps
Length : 6:33
Size : 15.02 MB


Show Me Love / Peter Gelderblom Mix

New mix of Robin S' track.

Artist : Robin S
Title : Show Me Love (Peter Gelderblom Remix)
Genre : Electro House
Quality : 320 kbps
Length : 6:31
Size : 14.94 MB


When The Sun Comes Down

Brand new from R.I.O. tnx zZz

R.I.O. - When The Sun Comes Down (Dirty Rush Live In Rio Mix)

R.I.O. - When The Sun Comes Down (Spencer & Hill Remix)

Genre : Electro House both
Quality : 320 kbps
Length : 7:14 / 6:12
Size : 16.59 MB / 14.21 MB

ImanoS - Live In Toronto

Young canadian DJ, ImanoS brings us a live set from Toronto, Canada.

Tracklist :

1. Soul Avengerz Feat. Zena Chavez - Move (Ian Carey & Brad Holland Remix)
2. Ian Carey - Redlight (Muzzaik Mix)
3. Eurhythmics - Sweet Dreams (Angello & Ingrosso Vocal Mix)
4. Danism - Mesmerise (Vocal Mix)
5. Funkerman Feat. JW - One For Me (Prok & Fitch Mix)
6. The Cube Guys - Baba O'riley (Prok & Fitch Dub Mix)
7. Cevin Fisher - You Got Me Burning Up (Prok & Fitch Remix)
8. Soul Central Feat. Abigail Bailey - Time After Time (Tommy Trash Club Mix)
9. The Shapeshifters - Lola's Theme (2008 Re-Edit)
10. Mark Knight & Funkagenda - Done & Dusted (Original Mix)
11. Chriss Ortega - Hypnotized (Chriss Ortega Remix)
12. Midnight Feelings Feat. Paola Kay - Sax Addiction (Matteo Leonetti & Gabry Sangineto Electronix Mix
13. Sandy Vee & Arias - Back In The Day (Original Mix)
14. Whelan & Di Scala - Close My Eyes (Original Club Mix)
15. The Guesta Project - Jumpin (Club Mix)
16. Oliver Garcia - I Feel (Chriss Ortega Remix)
17. Milk & Sugar Presents MS2 - Stay Around (Syke N Sugarstarr Dub)
18. Greg Stainer - Saxy Mofoe (Original Mix)


Comments and feedback are welcome.

Close My Eyes

What a track...

Artist : Sander Van Doorn vs Robbie Williams
Title : Close My Eyes (Original Mix)
Genre : Trance
Quality : 320 kbps
Length : 7:27
Size : 17 MB


Saxy MoFoe

Played by Robbie Rivera. Totally wicked tune with crazy saxofon melody! I got also Original Mix, but it's crap. Post in comments if you want it. 

Artist: Greg Stainer
Title: Saxy MoFoe (G's Basin Dub)
Genre: Electro
Quality: 320k
Lenght: 7:39
Size: 17.5 MB


Freak' N' You / Chris Moody Remix

Ok. Should I explain? This one is under White Label, no need to explain :D JUST PRESS THE F***ING DOWNLOAD BUTTON \o/ Love you all <3

Artist: Eddie Thoenick

Title: Freak 'N' You (Chris Moody Remix)

Genre: Tribal House

Quality: 192k

Lenght: 6:22

Size: 8.75 MB


Be Gone

This one is supported by The Trixx :) Amazing commercial progressive vocal tune... This one is going 100% in top10 of the month. The melody, the vocal, the rhythm... Eveything fits so perfect. Just close your eyes and listen. If you don't like, I will stop uploading ;)

Artist: Charles Schillings feat. Norma Jean Wright
Title: Be Gone (Balazko 'Dancing Everywhere' Extended Mix)
Genre: Progressive Vocal House
Quality; 320k
Lenght: 6:59
Size: 15.9 MB


Put Your Hands Up

You know after shitload of progressive/deadmau5tic and other tech-minimal genres, this one comes like pearl in the sea of hyperproduction. You can either love funky-house or hate it. But one thing first - This is the music that was played by the Jack back in the good ol' dayz! I will post electro/progressive/minimal - don't worry, but let's place this track for a change here :)

Artist: No Halo
Title: Put Your Hands Up (Warren Clarke Main Vocal Mix)
Genre : Funky House
Quality: 320k
Lenght: 07:37
Size: 17.5 MB


The Trixx

Today we have exclusive project to share with you people. It's comming from hot & sexy Croatia. We are talking about "The Trixx" - The Croatian uprising duo.

The Trixx Biography

The Trixx are young Croatian producer duo – DJ GiGo & DJ Jake. Both very young, started production end of 2007 and already have few smash remixes playlisted all around. They met each other on Freemasons party in beginning of year 2007, and soon they discovered their passion to music and production as such. Summer was wicked, they developed their friendship and it was all clear – they must start production immediately.

The Trixx first single ´Something New´ is not released yet, but as a promo got very good reactions from people who heard it. Now the famous vocalist and saxophone player Inusa Dawuda added vocals and a bit of sax to it and will be released for next summer include few hot remixes as well!

 Their first remix was made for Croatian DJ Superstar Fresh Jay´s Remix Competition, and it won second place. The track is called ´U Want Me´ and The Trixx remix is powerfull summer piano track! Second remix is a beginning of great cooperation with famous vocalist Inusa Dawuda. The Track ´High Spirit´ is just a first remix of many which Inusa have in plan for this young Croatian duo so there is much more to come till next summer. The Trixx also remixed big Ian Carey´s hit ´Keep on Rising´ for his remix competition, and currently they have few remixes and tracks in progress. Two latest tracks are called ˝Who the hell are you˝ and ˝Jump!˝ with huge support in Croatia, and there is remix for Hot Jay vs Cash - ˝Only Love˝ in progress as well as two new tracks with Inusa Dawuda. And this is only the beginning...



The Trixx – Something new (Promo)
The Trixx – Who to Hell are You (Promo)
The Trixx – Jump! (Promo)


Fresh Jay – Do you want me (The Trixx Summer night rmx) / Remix Competition 2nd place
Ian Carey & Michelle Shellers – Keep on Rising (The Trixx Too Many Problems Mix) / Remix Competition
Inusa Dawuda & Jay Reed – High Spirit (The Trixx Funky Lesson Mix) / Kingdom of Music ---> check out @ Traxsource


John Dahlback vs Rihanna – Nothing 4 Music (The Trixx Bootleg)
Starchaser – Silent Society (The Trixx Bootleg)

more info @ http://www.myspace.com/thetrixxcroatia

Enjoy these future house stars! :)