David Penn Interviewed + bonus

David Penn has had a reputation as a stand out DJ and producer in his native Spain for some time now, but it is only over the last year or so that the rest of the world has started to take note. And not a moment too soon; David's killer remixes and productions and upfront, no-holds-barred DJing style have set him apart from many of his peers as a true rising star in the House world, and 2009 looks set to be his busiest and biggest year to date. We caught up with him to talk 'guajolote'...

Describe your background ?

I started to study piano and song writting at the age of 9 and after that, I studied jazz, bossa, latin rhythms...I was influenced by Stevie Wonder, Earth Wind & Fire, Michael Jackson and later, in the 90´s the classic house masters such as Frankie Knuckles, Masters at Work, Danny Tenaglia, Roger Sanchez and David Morales.

Describe your DJ and production style...

I like music that you can remember; every track needs to be special and different from others, and I try to include harmonies in most of my tracks, not just beats and basslines. In my life I have made many different types of electronic music. Sometimes more soulful, sometimes stronger but I've always tried to move with the times. I dont want to become bored, so I am always looking at different types of sounds and beats, but always with a classic house touch.

Will you be in Ibiza this summer?

Sure, I'll be doing four dates in Pacha – Defected on Saturdays June 20th, July 25th and August 1st & 15th. I am really glad to be there, is one of my dreams to be part of it.

You have remixed a lot of tracks for several DJs. Which one of these remixes did you enjoy the most when producing it?

Maybe my remixes of Danny Clark & Jay Benham 'Wondrous' and Sandy Rivera 'I Can't Stop' because specifically asked to do them. I really enjoyed working on both of these records because the original material was of such high quality.

How do you choose the tracks you’re going to remix?

I only accept a remix if I really feel that I can do something good and different with the parts of the track. In my remixes I make a different arrangement; normally I only use the vocals and a few of the original parts.

How do you proceed when you create a track?

Depends, sometimes I have an idea that comes from my sets, or from a feeling that I have when I am in a party. Others I start with some beats and sometimes with a harmony. Everytime is different.

Who’s next on your list of collaborators?

I have a new single coming with Peter Gelderblom called Miracle Of Love' and I am starting projects with ATFC, Mastiksoul and DJ Chus

What are your predictions for this year?

That it will probably be the most busiest year of my career! I have many dates and many requests for remixes but I want to focus on my next singles as David Penn and Montilla principally

What does the future hold for David Penn?

I hope to continue as I am now, making the music that I really want and playing around the world with the support of the public and the DJs. That's enough!

Thanks much to Defected for brining us closer view to this great DJ and producer!

+ something from David Penn's kitchen: David Penn & Sebastian Gamboa - La Vida (Original Mix)


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Voodoo great job with the interview.:)

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David Penn is one of my favorite artists! :)

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