ATFC - Silent Strom EP

Can't belive this one is not posted. :D It's the stomping sound of the ATFC! We got two wicked tunes and I really don't know which one is better?

"Does It Feel Good?" is played in Pete Tong's Radio 1 Show, massive vocal track with beautiful melody and bassline. "Savannah" though has similiar sound conception like "Does It Feel Good?" but it has special outplayed melody with a bit african touch on the drums and percs... Totally fantastic tunes! Enjoy this great Defected release!

ATFC - Does It Feel Good?

ATFC - Savannah


Corey said...

I think Savannah is much better than Does It Feel Good. This African Touch sounds great and I don't like the Vocals in DIFG.

So, I just need SAVANNAH!!!!^^

Thanks Voodoo

Anonymous said...

any relation to ; ???
Lex Da Funk - Feels Good

DJ VoOdoO said...

Yes, it's well know accapella. I can't remember now who sings it, but it's identical voice! :)

Good observation on it! :)

Zahid Ali said...

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