Upcoming / Sébastien Léger - Marina

Seb dropped this video on his YouTube channel (aka. Slight79). It's a bit dark track and it reminds me of "Talisman" a lot. Hope this will be out soon on Mistakes Music. Cheers.

Get Wild / Hardwell & Rehab Remix

Track which has been remixed a lot... But no one really got the essence of it like Angello's remix.

Genre : Progressive
Quality : 320 kbps
Length : 7:04
Size : 16.19 MB

Sharam - Get Wild (Hardwell & Rehab Remix)

Underground Mexer

Hello hello! Let me introduce myself; I'm vega687 from Beatjunks, my DJ name is Pablo Vegas and my real name is Juan. I'm new as a poster here, I'll try to deliver a few treats here to help along! Here's a new track from Fruity Fresh; He did very well on the mash-up and decided to give it away! Enjoy Stationists! :D

Genre : Electro House
Quality : 320 kbps
Length : 5:45
Size : 13.26 MB

Seductive vs. Gregor Salto - Underground Mexer (Fruity Fresh Mash-up) / Mirror

Aftershock (Can't Fight The Feeling)

New EP from Chuckie called Aftershock.

Genre : Electro House / House
Quality : 320 kbps
Length : 6:28 / 7:56 / 6:02
Size : 14.77 MB / 18.16 MB / 13.8 MB

Chuckie - Aftershock (Can't Fight The Feeling) (Original Mix)
Chuckie - Aftershock (Can't Fight The Feeling) (Chuckie And Silvio Ecomo Remix)
Chuckie - Aftershock (Can't Fight The Feeling) (Sunnery James And Ryan Marciano Remix)

Sebastien Leger's February Top 10

01. Sebastien Leger - The People (Eric Prydz Remix)
02. Rejected - Cliche (Polder Remix)
03. Marco Corola - Long Jump (Original Mix)
04. Greg Delon - Cezar (Koletzki & Meindl Mix)
05. Kaizer Souzai - Cirrus (Unicus Remix)
06. Fokko Versloot, Sander May & Tom Noah - Staples (Original Mix)
07. Hector Couto - Mojo Rojo (Original Mix)
08. Sebastien Leger - Bambou (Original Mix)
09. Boris Rush - Miami Push (Alex Celler Space Dub)
10. Plus & Minus - Atlantide (Original Mix)

Roll The Mice

Played by Laidback Luke, pretty murky track.

Genre : Tech House ?
Quality : 320 kbps
Length : 4:09
Size : 9.52 MB

Pepperman - Roll The Mice

Make It Funky

Another track from Alvaro, enjoy!

Genre : Electro House
Quality : 320 kbps
Length : 3:37
Size : 8.31 MB

Alvaro - Make It Funky

Milton Channels / Black Is Black

Before someone will flame and cry: This song got released 1-1-09... I know! Nothing new ;) Could a track gettin' old when it is a bomb? I don't think so... This track has a very heavy kick!!! Oh yes.... With this Track we easily can wait for Sandro S - Lucky Men and Bassjacker - Sujo....

I heard this track on the last 1Live Rocker set from Mr. Fedde Le Grand! => You can find it via google ;)

Genre : Techno
Quality : 320 kbps
Length : 6:00
Size : 14.4 MB

Milton Channels - Black Is Black (Original Mix)


Style Of Eye is definitely one of my favs atm, listen to his remixes of fragment one or perverted ways and u will know why... this track just got released though its a bit older and not as trippy as his new productions its still nice! Enjoy!!!!

Artist: Style Of Eye
Title: Psalm (Original Mix)
Genre: Tech House
Size: 18.4MB
Quality: 320kbps


Old Skool

Artist: Swanky Tunes
Title: Old Skool (Original Mix)
Genre: Electro House
Quality: 320kbps


Artist: Swanky Tunes
Title: Old Skool (Willie Morales & Robbie Rivera Juicy Mix)
Genre: Electro House
Quality: 320kbps


Music Matters

Great stuff from Ax and Mark! Love both tracks!

Genre : Progressive / Tech House
Quality : 320 kbps
Length : 8:29 / 8:15
Size : 19.42 MB / 19 MB

Faithless - Music Matters (Axwell Remix)

Faithless - Music Matters (Mark Knight Remix)

Sneaky Sound System / Fred Falke

Oh Yea Baby! Fred Falke, Alan Braxe and Daft Punk Member Thomas Bangalter produced the leading sound of French-House-Music... "Stardust - Music sounds better with you". So what to say about this funky house track?! The only thing I really want to do, is to dance to the funky bassline

Sneaky Sound System - I Love It (Fred Falke Remix)

Laidback Luke - Nighttime Superheroes (21.02.2009)


Tracklist :
01. The Outhere Brothers - Enjoy (Crookers Remix)
02. Angger Dimas - Duck Army
03. Sebastien Drums, Tom Geiss & Eric G - Funky Beep (Dub Mix) w/ David Guetta - Baby When The Light (Acapella)
04. Quintin - Bleep It!
05. Belocca, Soneec, Chris Lauer & Canard - Raspberry Mouth (Groovenatics Remix)
06. ID (11th track in last ClubFG set) w/ Laidback Luke & Roman Salzger - Generation Noize (Acapella)
07. ID
08. Faithless - Music Matters (Axwell Remix)
09. Steve Angello & Laidback Luke feat. Robin S - Show Me Love (Style Of Eye Remix)
10. Pryda - Miami To Atlanta w/ Laidback Luke & A-Trak - Shake It Down (Acapella)
11. Will Smith - Miami (Laidback Luke Bootleg)
12. DJ Sneak & Hervé - Droppin' Kisses (Hervé Club Mix)
13. Dance Area - AA 24 7
14. DJ Funk - Knock Knock
15. ID
16. Diplo feat. Rye Rye - Wassup Wassup (Crookers Remix)
17. ID
18. Dada Life - The Great Fashionista Swindle vs. Riddim (Laidback Luke Bootleg)
19. Eddie Thoneick - I Wanna Freak You (Eddie Thoneick Classic Mix) w/ Sebastien Leger - Jaguar

Bleep It!

Great track from Holland producer Vato Gonzalez!

Genre : Electro House
Quality : 320 kbps
Length : 6:15
Size : 14.38 MB

Quintin - Bleep It! (Vato Gonzalez Remix)

Something Suitable /Complete Album

Oh Yea Baby! I Love this German Tech-Duo! There music is awesome and sounds realy angry!! Deep bass and scary vocals ;)

Genre : Techno
Quality : 320 kbps
Length : 6:19
Size : 15.2 MB

Format B - Something Suitable (Original Mix)
BONUS: The Complete Album! THX Maxx

Mo Money Mo Problems

Oh my God! Sick! Thanks to Rasta Eddy & Laidback Luke himself!

Genre : Electro House
Quality : 256 kbps
Length : 6:23
Size : 11.71 MB

Notorious B.I.G. feat. Puff Daddy & Mase - Mo Money Mo Problems (Laidback Luke Bootleg)

Upcoming / Pryda's New Track

Well, this reminds me of Pjanoo a lot, so I'll name it Pjanoo's younger brother. Prydz is on fire now as you can see obviously. Don't know nothing about the track, sorry... But whatever it is, it's a banger.

Eric Prydz - Unknown Track Ripped from Swedish House Mafia Essential Mix @ Warehouse Project

Pryda - Animal / Miami To Atlanta / Loaded

This sick puppy on the left aka Eric Prydz (Pryda, Sheridan, Moo) released this today, so sick trio of tracks that it gave me goosebumps almost instantly!

Genre : Tech House
Quality : 320 kbps
Length : 6:10 / 8:14 / 7:18
Size : 14.37 MB / 19.08 MB / 16.9 MB

Pryda - Animal (Original Mix)
Pryda - Miami To Atlanta (Original Mix)
Pryda - Loaded (Original Mix)

PRY013 - Download

Guess What - Remixes...

Artist: Felguk
Title: Guess What (Electrixx Remix)
Genre: Electro House
Size: 14.5MB
Length: 6:19Min


Artist: Felguk
Title: Guess What (Miles Dyson Remix 02)
Genre: Electro House
Size: 14.8MB
Length: 6:27Min



Aaren San´s Gulp Of Music EP Released now...this track is kinda proggy electro house...enjoy!!

Artist: Aaren San
Title: Breathless (Original Mix)
Genre: Electro House
Size: 16.1MB
Length: 7:01Min


Mad Money

Can't really decide which mix is better, original or Kim Fai mix. Enjoy them both!

Genre : Progressive / Tech House
Quality : 320 kbps
Length : 8:49 / 7:43
Size : 20.29 MB / 17.76 MB

Funkagenda & Exacta - Mad Money (Original Mix)
Funkagenda & Exacta - Mad Money (Kim Fai's Kredit Krunch Remix)

Bonus : Ladyhawke - Paris Is Burning (Funkagenda Remix)

Shake It Down / Sebastien Drums & Rolf Dyman Remix

New release of "Shake It Down". Original mix is best by far for me... Enjoy.

Genre : Electro House
Quality : 320 kbps
Length : 6:06
Size : 13.83 MB

Laidback Luke & A-Trak - Shake It Down (Sebastien Drums & Rolf Dyman Remix)

Upcoming / New Laidback Luke Production

Is it me or there are no real bomb releases these days? Anyway, here's Luke dropping his new production at Sankeys. It's a new track and he's still not giving names. I really like this sound, reminds me of his early work. Enjoy!

ImanoS - Getting Technical

Hey everyone the last few progressive sets I've posted have generated some great comments and wonderful feedback. I decided to change it up this time and get "technical". This latest hour long set features some Deep/Tech House I have been listening to lately. I am a young Toronto DJ and I hope you all will enjoy it. Please as always feel free to leave comments and feedback is most welcome. You can also contact me by email : electrostationpromo@gmail.com

1. Crystal Waters Vs Alex Celler - Under Gypsy Woman (Sebastien Leger Bootleg) 
2. Alex Kenji - Yris (Original Mix)
3. Boris Rush - Miami Push (Alex Celler Space Dub) 
4. Reboot - Three Rows 
5. The Martinez Brothers & Argy - Debbie Downer (Original Mix) 
6. Richard Dinsdale - Love Doctor (Original Club Mix) 
7. The Sunburst Band - Journey To The Sun (Dennis Ferrer Remix) 
8. Fish Go Deep Feat. Tracey K - The Cure & The Cause (Dennis Ferrer Remix) 
9. Gorge - Kassiande (Original Mix) 
10. Franck Roger - La Baraka 
11. Noze - You Have To Dance (Matthias Kaden's Beatpolka Remix)
12. Stimming - The Anger (Original Mix)

Promo / Sandro S

The guy who made "Lucky Men", Sandro S (or Shandro) has hooked us up with some promo tracks. Enjoy!

Sandro S- Funky

Sandro S- Shakala

Check him out @ Hyves Profile

Laidback Luke - Nighttime Superheroes (14.02.2009)

So once again master Luke stuns us all with massive set. Enjoy!


Tracklist :
01. Wahoo - Make Em Shake It (Claude Monnet & Torre Main Mix)
02. Deviance - 93 Million (Original Mix)
03. Nikolai Dimitrov - Illusions (Original Mix) w/ Laidback Luke, A-Trak - Shake It Down (Acapella)
04. ID
05. ID
06. Wheels, Disco - Good Times feat. Mighty Marvin (DJ DLG Remix)
07. Pryda - Remember w/ Laidback Luke, A-Trak - Shake It Down (DJ Tool)
08. Pepperman - Roll The Mice (Original Mix) w/ Martin Solveig - I Want You (Acapella)
09. Fedde Le Grand - Amplifier (Original Mix)
10. KRS-One, Microfunk - Sound Of Da Pecan (Riva Starr Rechunk)
11. ID
12. ID
13. His Majesty Andre - Peep Thong (Original Mix)
14. Daft Punk - Revolution 909 (Original Mix)
15. Radioclit - Divine Gosa (Kevstar Remix) (Break only)
16. Radioclit - Divine Gosa (Switch Remix)
17. Alex Gopher - Aurora w/ Laidback Luke - Rocking With The Best feat. Mc Goodgrip (Acapella)
18. ID
19. Stephan Luke - Pressure (Original Mix)
20. Laidback Luke - Molotov (Original Mix) w/ TV Rock - Been A Long Time feat. Rudy (Acapella)

Promo / Angger Dimas

Hi guys. Today we represent this young uprising Indonesian DJ & producer. I simply love his work and I think you will too. Enjoy!

Angger Dimas - Celcius (Original Mix)
Angger Dimas - Nikotin (Original Mix)
Daft Punk - Something About Us (Angger Unofficial Bootleg) / Recommended
Coldplay - Viva La Vida (Angger Unofficial Bootleg)
Angger Dimas - My House At (Original Mix)
Angger Dimas - Duck Army (Original Mix)

Check him out at Imeem or Here

Put Your Hands Up For Belgrade \o/

Yes, it's done. :D Can't belive we got house song that has our (Serbian) national music in a house track. So it's done. It's commercial with trumpets in peek time! Enjoy!

Artist: DJ Pantelis
Title: Put Your Hands Up For Belgrade (Original Mix)
Genre: Commercial House
Quality: 205k (VBR)
Lenght: 05:19
Size: 8.2 MB


Dirty South Bootleg

Yea realy good bootleg! Great tune for the Big Floor!! Hope we will hear many more Bootlegs of this quality in 2009!

Genre : Electro/House
Quality : 320 kbps
Length : 8:43
Size : 20.4 MB

Sebastian ingrosso & Laidback Luke Vs. Felix - Chaa Chaa Felix you want me (Dirty South Bootleg)

AA 24 7

This is what happens when a simple school teacher get loose; he becomes a DJ. ^^

Genre : Jackin / Nu-Disco / Electro
Quality : 320 kbps
Length : 5:24
Size : 12.37 MB

Dance Area - AA 24 7 (Diplo Remix)

Bonus : Brazilian Girls - Good Time (Diplo Remix)

Divine Gosa / Kevstar Latin Remix

Hehe I must brag that I personally recommended Laidback Luke to play this and he played it in his last Club FG mix which you can find here. Kevstar is the guy on the left. Enjoy his track as much as I did.

Genre : Electro / Latin
Quality : 320 kbps
Length : 4:48
Size : 10.99 MB

Radioclit - Divine Gosa (Kevstar's Latin Remix) / Mirror

Harder Better Faster Stronger / Raul De Meira Remix

Great house track, can't really say that it's a bomb, but it sure made an impact on me. Enjoy!

Genre : House
Quality : 320 kbps
Length : 5:44
Size : 13.12 MB

Daft Punk - Harder Better Faster Stronger (Raul De Meira Remix)


Great stuff from Bingo Players once again. Enjoy!

Genre : House / Electro House
Quality : 320 kbps
Length : 6:35
Size : 15.14 MB

Harrison Crump - Gone (Bingo Players Remix)


My fav is the Deadmau5 mix. Enjoy this fabolous EP.

Genre : Progressive / Tech / Electro
Quality : 320 kbps
Length : 6:10 / 7:22 / 5:52
Size : 14.12 MB / 16.9 MB / 13.44 MB

ClearCut - Breathless (Deadmau5 Vocal Mix)
ClearCut - Breathless (Cedric Gervais Remix)
ClearCut - Breathless (Thomas Gold & Chris Ortega Vocal Mix)

The People / Eric Prydz Remix

I can't find the right words for this remix... Awesome Tech-House/Progressive style from London producer Prydz...

Genre : Tech-House/Progressive
Quality : 320 kbps
Length : 10:14
Size : 24.2 MB

Sebastien Leger - The People (Eric Prydz remix)

How About An ID ?

Laidback Luke went to Birmingham and rocked the place called "Gatecrasher". We all know that the second track is Fruity Fresh's mash-up... But isn't the first track just SICK? Does someone knows its name?

Drive Dealers / Colors

Oh Wow! This is an awesome Progressive/Tech-House tune from Ukraine! At 4:40 you be faced with deep depressing Strings! This is an explosion of true sound! Don't miss this Tech-Progressive highlight!

Genre : Progressive/Tech
Quality : 320 kbps
Length : 7:50
Size : 18.8 MB

Drive Dealers - Colors (Original Mix)

Chuckie / Everytime We Touch *Fixed 320*

New Remix from Mr. Dirty Dutch himself! Must have for all dirty dutch fans... (Mr. Commercial David Guetta is one of the biggest dirty dutch fans ;) )

I won't play this remix... I prefer the more deeper Inpetto Remix. Nevertheless great remix!

Genre : Electro House
Quality : 320 kbps
Length : 6:05
Size : 11.4 MB

David Guetta - Everytime We Touch (Chuckie Remix) 320kbps

Upcoming / Pryda - Gavioli / Reepebahn

Mr. Prydz dropped two more tracks which will hopefully be released soon. Enjoy those previews ripped from Pete Tong's Essential Selection 6.2.2009.

Pryda - Gavioli
Pryda - Reppenbahn

Upcoming / Daft Punk - One More Time (Richard Grey Remix)

And here's another Swedish guy, Steve Angello playin' unreleased mix of One More Time, mixed by Richard Grey. Track dropped at Pacha NYC became an instant banger. Enjoy the vid.

Upcoming / Sebastian Ingrosso - Laktos

Finally good old production from Sebastian Ingrosso. The track on the video is called 'Laktos' (dunno what it means). I don't know when Seb will release it so for now just enjoy this video. Cheers!

Life Goes On / Avicii Vs. Philgood Remix

Life goes on? Yeah... Right. Where was I? Oh. Life sucks sometimes, but this track is pure quality. Its start reminds me of Pjanoo. Props to guys who made it.

Genre : Electro House / leaning to progressive
Quality : 320 kbps
Length : 6:09
Size : 14.16 MB

Richard Grey, Erick Morillo, Jose Nunez feat. Shawnee Taylor - Life Goes On (Avicii vs Philgood Remix)

Feel What You Want / Bingo Players Remix

Now here's something you can't ignore. After Mark Simmons made a remix, here comes another one. Bingo Players are on fire recently, dropping some bombs all over the scene. The remix of "Day N Nite" is just fantastic for my sense and this Dutch duo continued that way. Enjoy it!

Genre : Electro House
Quality : 320 kbps
Length : 6:17
Size : 14.42 MB

Kristine W - Feel What You Want (Bingo Players Remix)

The People

Hah, whan an image... Anyway, track also known as remix of Marylin Manson's "Beautiful People" is here. Enjoy.

Genre : Electro House or is it?
Quality : 320 kbps
Length : 6:17
Size : 14.7 MB

Sebastien Leger - The People (Original Mix)

Change Of Plan...

Since my mail got too... Let's say "crowdy", I decided to do this. From now on, every promo stuff which you want to be posted on the promo page, send it to :


Inbox cleared... Sorry guys. DJ VoOdoO, TonyRella, Noize & ImanoS, contact me for e-mail password.


Suspense Is Killing Me

Great work from Dada Life duo. Reminds me of old Mario Bros anthem. Played by Laidback Luke.

Genre : Electro House
Quality : 320 kbps
Length : 5:23
Size : 12.36 MB

Boy 8-Bit - The Suspense Is Killing Me (Dada Life Guerilla Fart)


Loaded is here! Also known as Helvettet, SHM guys dropped it numerous time! Real?

Genre: Progressive
Lenght: 6:11
Quality: 320k
Size: 14.17 MB

Eric Prydz pres. Pryda - Loaded (Original Mix)

On Ya Way / Dancing Divaz Remix

We are Electrostation so we must bring you some quality electro tunes! This one is dancefloor bomb! New mix of an oldie with electric vibes and amazing vocals!

Title: Helicopter
Artist: On Ya Way (Dancing Divaz 2009 Remix)
Genre: Electro-House
Lenght: 06:46
Quality: 320k
Size: 15.5 MB

Download @ mediafire

DJ Misty In The Mix (Legends Are Born 019)

We from Electrostation always try to promote young and talented DJs & producers. Belive it or not, there are so many of you that we need to post every hour if we want to manage you all! Just be patient like DJ Misty from Egypt and we will put you on our blog. :)

DJ Misty Bio:

Misty, Known for his Progressive house tunes and for also being Egypts youngest Professional DJ was born in Madrid, Spain in 1991. He was a popular name mentioned amongst Djs in Egypt. Now in the present day, being known as Egypts youngest dj, and booked in global events, Djing at clubs and sponsored parties every week and guestmixes on radio shows. He has gained respect from Djs and clubbers amongst him. He started his career at the age of 10, 6 years ago, and since he started, he has never gone wrong, and always keeping his crowd entertained. He plays a unique style of Progressive, Electro, Tech house with a slight blend of minimal. played along many stars such as Jay Lumen Mr Sam Kirsty Hawkshaw Roger Martinez Noir Austin Leeds Chris Montana Killer Sister to name a few...more about DJ Misty

1) P8 - 1986 (Dankann mix) / Open up your eyes
2) Audible - White mouse
3) Mark Trophy - Whop (Max Vangeli & Digital lab mix)
4) D.Ramirez - Reminder of Jesper (Angel Anx mix)
5) Funkagenda - Breakwater
6) Henry Saiz - Hello, infinite
7) Fady Ferraye - Night time stories (Olivier Morgenroth mix)
8) Chab & JD Davis - Get high (Miquell Santos 5am dub)
9) Butch - Dark Fader
10) Duoteque - Logo (Misty's edit)
11) Sebastien Leger - Bad clock (Kim Fai & Paul Thomas mix)
12) John Creamer & Stephane K - Get a room


Feel The Muzik

New release from Mike Dunn! Has everything that one house tracks should have! Played by Roger Sanchez in his last radioshow! This one is gonna be huge! Vocals, melody, beats = 10/10

Artist: Mike Dunn Presents The MD X-Spress
Title: Feel The Muzik (Mike Dunn's Blackball Mixx)
Genre: House
Length: 06:19
Size: 14.4 MB
Quality: 320k


Touch My Horn

Artist: Jesse Rose
Title: Touch My Horn (Original Mix)
Genre: House
Size: 12.3MB
Length: 5:21Min
Quality: 320Kbps



Massive kick on this one from mr. Arias Julien.

Genre : Progressive
Quality : 320 kbps
Length : 7:03
Size : 16.22 MB

Arias - Redblack (Original Mix)


Another one from Tony Senghore. He nertures this dirty style...

Genre : Electro House
Quality : 211 kbps (VBR)
Length : 6:22
Size : 9.63 MB

Martin Brodin - Galaxis (Tony Senghore's Magellanic Remix)

One More Time / Philip Jensen Bootleg

Played by Sebastian Ingrosso on Sensation White... Enjoy.

Genre : Tech House
Quality : 320 kbps
Length : 7:46
Size : 17.81 MB

Daft Punk - One More Time (Philip Jensen's Aerodynamic Bootleg)

Under Gypsy Woman

Sooo.. Guess who's back?

Genre : Tech House
Quality : 320 kbps
Length : 7:29
Size : 17.16 MB

Crystal Waters vs. Alex Celler - Under Gypsy Woman (Sebastien Leger Bootleg)

The TonyRella Session!

Hey People! The TonyRella recorded a brand new Set! Many well known tracks and maybe some special tracks... enjoy it!

Feedback would be nice!

1. Bingo Players & Chocolate Puma - Touch Me (Bart B. More Remix)
2. David Guetta feat. Chris Willis - Everytime We Touch (Inpetto Remix)
3. Abel The Kid & Danny Groovin Feat. Kid Kros - Tell me (Vocal Mix)
4. Format B - Edding 850 (Original Mix) / Daft Punk - Touch it, Technologic (Acapella)
5. Deadmau5 - Bot (Original Mix)
6. Sidney Samson - Riverside (Original Mix)
7. Steve Angello & Laidback Luke vs Benassi Bros - Be Satisfaction (Paul Aristo bootleg)
9. Chuckie - let the bass kick (original mix)
10. Kid cudi vs. crookers - day n nite (bingo players remix) VS. Daft Punk - Around The World (Sebastien Leger Remix) / Simian Vs. Justice - We are your Friends (Acapella)


Zippyshare Mirror
thx Noize!

Stockholm Syndrome

Beautiful House Tune from UK Producer Stockholm Syndrome!

Artist: Stockholm Syndrome
Title: Pressure (Club Mix)
Genre: House
Size: 15,5MB
Length: 6:37Min
Quality: 320Kbps