Ghosts N Stuff / Hard Intro Version Mix

The guy everybody love to hate, Joel Zimmerman aka. Deadmau5! I like this version better.

Genre : Electro House
Quality : 192 kbps
Length : 6:21
Size : 8.73 MB

Deadmau5 - Ghosts N Stuff (Hard Intro Version Mix)

We Are

New Dirty South track! In my opinion nothing special... Calm down progressive with nice vocals.

Genre : Progressive/ House
Quality : 320 kbps
Length : 8:34
Size : 20.6 MB

Dirty South feat. Rudy - We Are (Original Mix) fixed link

The Joker

Very nice house stuff from FLG & Funkerman, very techically full. Enjoy it.

Genre : House / Tech
Quality : 320 kbps
Length : 6:44
Size : 15.43 MB

Fedde Le Grand & Funkerman - The Joker (Original Mix)

Chocolate Puma Beatport April Chart

1. Chocolate Puma - Only Love Can Save Me (Main Mix)
2. His Majesty Andre - Peep Thong (Original Mix) hot
3. The Bloody Beetroots Feat. Steve Aoki - Warp 1.9 (Original Mix) hot
4. Mike Dunn - Git Cho House On (Chocolate Puma Remix) hot
5. Martin Buttrich - Stoned Autopilot (C2 Version)
6. Chocolate Puma - Dub Of Boom (Original Mix) hot
7. Jark Prongo - Helios (Original Mix)
8. 2000 And One - Spanish Fly (Original Mix)
9. Soul Fusion - Bass Tone (House Nation Remix)
10. Sil - Dirty Windows (Chocolate Puma Remix) hot

Tristan Garner Post

So I'm pretty sure you guys already have all of this, but meh... Tristan Garner made some awesome work on some of the bootlegs. My favorite is DP Vs. LBL bootleg ofcourse. Another thing, it's kinda boring to post track after track without getting no comments... So work on that a bit, guys. Thanks also to SWEHouse blog for notice.

Arias vs. TV Rock - It's Been A Long Tutu (Tristan Garner Bootleg)

Arno Cost Feat Norman Doray & Sébastien Léger vs. Shakedown - Apocalypse At Night (Tristan Garner Bootleg)

Arno Cost vs. Bob Sinclar - Souvenir Of Love (Tristan Garner Bootleg)

Axer vs. Moroder - Chaser 123 (Tristan Garner Bootleg)

Axwell & Bob Sinclar vs. Junior Jack - What A Wonderfull E-Samba (Tristan Garner Bootleg)

Dirty South vs. Acapulco - Let It Caliente (Tristan Garner Bootleg)

Joachim Garraud vs. Laidback Luke - Shake It Ready (Tristan Garner Bootleg)

Laidback Luke vs. Daft Punk - Break Da Funk Down (Tristan Garner Bootleg)

John Dahlback - Pyramid (Tristan Garner Edit)

Marimba EP / Best Mixes

For those who doesn't know what "marimba" is they can check this cool instument here on wiki. Really cool melodies from Mike Mash. This pack contains the best mixes of this great polyphonic release.

^1 Mike Mash - Marimba (Original Mix) - Really good. 7/10
^2 Mike Mash - Marimba (Dr Kucho Remix) - More melodic and electro than original. 7.5/10
^3 Mike Mash - Marimba (Chriss Ortega Remix) - Ortega's style with great breakdown. 8/10
^4 Mike Mash - Marimba (Chris Montana And Etienne Ozborne Piano Mix) - Winner remix with piano and some vocal samples! 9/10

Enjoy in this HQ (320k) release!

Download Mike Mash - Marimba EP (Best Mixes) fixed link

ImanoS - Spring Sessions 2009

Hey guys, recently we've seen some solid sets from Cristi & Miksa so I thought I would join in the fun and recorded something Today. I guess the theme of this set is Spring Party style in Toronto, Canada. Hope you guys like the 65 minute set, and feel free to comment and share your thoughts on the mix.

1. Laidback Luke Vs. Daft Punk - Break Da Funk Down (Tristan Garner Bootleg)
2. Axwell, Ingrosso, Angello & Laidback Luke - Leave The World Behind (Original Mix)
3. John Dahlback & ATFC - Bon Bon (Original Mix)
4. John Dahlback - Pyramid (Vocal Club Mix)
5. Norman Doray & Tristan Garner Vs. Shakedown - Last Forever At Night (Miami House Project Edit)
6. David Penn, Toni Bass, Deux - Same Way (Ruben Alvarez Remix)
7. Steve Angello - Isabel (Original Mix)
8. Sebastien Leger - Seaweed (Original Mix)
9.. Alex Seda Feat. Christa Knox - Richochet (Camilo Franco Remix)
10. Fedde Le Grand - Scared Of Me (Hardwell Remix)
11. Funkagenda Vs. Eurythmics - Sweet Fuck (Funkagenda Remix)
12. Fatboy Slim - Right Here, Right Now (Abel Ramos Brighton With Love Mix)
13. Richard Grey - One More Time (Chris Moody Remix)


Good Times

Since this leaked, I guess I should post it too. Awesome work by the way.

Genre : Progressive
Quality : 320 kbps
Length : 7:15
Size : 16.6 MB

Mark Knight & Funkagenda - Good Times (Original Mix)

Fedde Le Grand @ Cologne, Germany

Ladies & gentleman... Fedde Le Grand in Cologne! Only ten euros for one of the best DJs so far.. I'm really curious about the night! Maybe he will play the legendary unreleased remix of "Coldplay - Clocks" and many of his upcoming records?

We'll see. In the meantime, enjoy his new mix of legendary Fatboy Slim's "Praise You".


Guess who is back? Steve Angello with a fresh and calm down progressive house track.

Genre : Progressive/House
Quality : 320 kbps
Length : 7:41 /
Size : 14.9 MB

Steve Angello - Isabel (Original Mix) / Mirror

Steve Angello - Isabel (Kim Fai Tipton Noddle Mafia Remix)

When I Became A Punk / Kurd Maverick Remix

I really love Kurd Maverick bass. Really massive bass & kick on this one. Dancefloor bomb if you ask me! Really great release with some guitar & trumpet sounds from backround. :)

Artist: David Tort & DJ Ruff Feat. Daisy Villa
Title: When I Became A Punk (Kurd Maverick Remix)
Genre: Club-House
Quality: 320k
Lenght: 06:15
Size: 14.3 MB


Emotion / Outwork

New stuff from Outwork. This one is more trancy with Mr Gee on mic. I am not much into this stuff, but it's fresh so let's post it. Someone might like it. ^^ Enjoy peeps!

Artist: Outwork Feat. Mr.Gee
Title: Emotion (Original Mix)
Genre: Progressive House
Lenght: 08:56
Size: 20.4 MB


Miksa Presents - Tales Of The Heroes EP 3

So I strike again with new episode of TOTH! For this mix I made no plans, just spinned tracks by heart. You'll find few exclusives there which will be posted later on. Enjoy!


Tracklist :
01. Deelat - Wetness Anthem (Original Mix)
02. Avicii - Muja (Original Mix)
03. Aniki - Eat Diz (Original Mix)
04. Fatboy Slim - Right Here Right Now (Abel Ramos Brighton With Love Mix)
05. Outhere Brothers - Enjoy! (Crookers Vocal Mix)
06. Proxy - Raven (Original Mix)
07. John Dahlback - Pyramid (Tristan Garner Edit)
08. Major Lazer - How I Like It (Afrojack Club Mix)
09. Steve Angello & Laidback Luke feat. Robin S - Show Me Love (Style Of Eye Remix)
10. CSS - Music Is My Hot Hot Sex (Switch Feat. Mapei Mix)
11. Keven Le Fonque - Smpl Fckr (Original Mix)
12. Laidback Luke, Sebastian Ingrosso, Axwell, Steve Angello feat. Deborah Cox - Leave The World Behind (Dirty South Remix)
13. David Guetta feat. Kelly Rowland - When Love Takes Over (Laidback Luke Remix)
14. Bucketheads - The Bomb (Laidback Luke Bootleg)
15. The Prodigy - Omen (Simmons & Machiavelli Main Bootleg)

Bon Bon

John Dahlback and grandmaster ATFC bringing us a brand new progressive banger! Enjoy.

Genre : Progressive/House
Quality : 320 kbps
Length : 7:41
Size : 18.4 MB

John Dahlbäck & ATFC - Bon Bon (Original Mix)

Show Me Love / DBN Renix

DBN remix of "Show me Love", listen and decide if this is the best.

Genre : House
Quality : 320 kbps
Length : 6:33
Size : 15.7 MB

Steve Angello & Laidback Luke feat Robin S - Show Me Love (DBN Remix)

Promo - Happiness / Mustafa Cihan Bootlegs

Straight from sunny Turkey we got really talented producer Mustafa Cihan. We have three of his tracks here. Really nice music. I hope you enjoy them and visit Mustafa Cihan's Myspace.

Tv Rock & Luke Chable - Happiness (Mustafa Cihan Bootleg Dub 1.0)

Tv Rock & Luke Chable - Happiness (Mustafa Cihan Bootleg Dub 2.0)

Madcon - Beggin (Mustafa Cihan's Clashmatic for South Remix)

P.S. All HQ and on ZippyShare! Enjoy!

House Music / Prok & Fitch and Mr Danny Remix

Really great release. Mr Danny remix is my best, but Prok & Fitch did great job putting it in more electro style. Enjoy these bombs! Both in HQ.

Jp Chronic Feat. Darren J Bell - House Music (Mr Danny Remix) / Club-House

Jp Chronic Feat. Darren J Bell - House Music (Prok & Fitch Remix) / Electro-House

Right Here Right Now / Abel Ramos Brighton With Love Mix

Remember this guy? Remember all the hits he dropped? Then you probably remember his legendary show at Brighton Beach...

Genre : House / Progressive
Quality : 320 kbps
Length : 6:33
Size : 15.03 MB

Fatboy Slim - Right Here Right Now (Abel Ramos Brighton With Love Mix)

One More Time / Chris Moody Remix

I like this tribal fatness a lot! I'm sure you guys will dig this.

Genre : House / Tribal
Quality : 320 kbps
Length : 8:13
Size : 18.89 MB

Richard Grey - One More Time (Chris Moody Remix)

Afrojack EP

New release from Afrojack! 'Polkadots' is fenomenal, as for 'Maybe', not really my cup of tea, but can pass.

Genre : Progressive / House
Quality : 320 kbps
Length : 4:22 / 5:36
Size : 10.12 MB / 12.54 MB

Afrojack - Polkadots (Original Mix)

Afrojack - Maybe (Original Mix)

Laidback Luke - Nighttime Superheroes (25.04.2009)

Let's rock! So from now on, I'll do it the Voodoo way; post ID's & links for the tracks you have in the comments.

01. Aly-Us - Follow Me 2008 (Vanjee & Alex Sapir Mix)
02. Muzikjunki - Fashiondance (Veerus & Maxie Devine Remix)
03. ID
04. Punish - Let's Get Down
05. ID
06. Speedy J - Pull Over (Punish Remix)
07. Dani L. Mebius & Billy The Klit - Rock Your Body
08. Mike Dunn pres. The MD X-Spress - Git Cho House On (Chocolate Puma Remix)
09. Spiller Feat Sophie Ellis Bextor - Groovejet (If This Ain't Love) (ID Remix)
10. Das Glow - I Want To Wake Up With You
11. Bloody Beetroots - I Love Bloody Beetroots w/ Steve Angello & Laidback Luke Feat. Robin S - Show Me Love
12. ID
13. Elesse - Pop Corn (Sugar Mix)
14. Dada Life - Happy Hands & Happy Feet (Phatzoo Remix)
15. Lil Wayne - A Millie (Paul Anthony & ZXX Remix)
16. Afrojack - Polkadots (Original Mix)
17. KRS One - Sound Of Da Pecan (Riva Starr Rechunk)
18. Jayvin Mena - Monthra (Bart B More Remix)
19. Steve Angello - Gypsy (Original Mix)
20. Pancake - Don't Turn Your Back On Me (Sander Van Doorn Remix) ?
21. John Dahlback - Pyramid (Original Mix) w/ Laidback Luke ft. Stephen Granville - Hypnotize
22. Avicii - Ryu (Original Mix) w/ Laidback Luke ft. Stephen Granville - Hypnotize
23. Rene Kuppens - Star Drumz


Holidays are over, so we are back with this big post of requests. Many quality stuff in here post. Enjoy them, and hit us with more! Cheers guys! :)

^1 The Egg - Walking Away (Mark Wells & Tom Brady Remix)
^2 Giorgio Giordano - Amazzonia (David Tort Tech Revision)
^3 Chris Lake Feat Nastala - If You Knew (ATFC Main Mix)
^4 Axwell vs Kanye West - I Found Lockdown (Dim Shovel Bootleg Mix)
^5 Sebastien Leger & Chris Lake - Word (Original Mix)
^6 Morgan Page ft. Lissie - Longest Road (Deadmau5 Remix) fixed
^7 Dek 32, Nari & Milani - Gnor (Mail Mix)
^8 Hot Jay Vs Cash - Only Love 2009 (The Trixx Remix)
^9 Soulsearcher - Can't Get Enough (Acapella)
^10 Steve Angello & Laidback Luke ft. Robin S. - Show Me Love (Afrojack Short Mix)
^11 Nick Coleman - Faces Of Meth (Ryan Riback Cheeky Whistle Remix)
^12 Drumma - Convict (Original Mix)
^13 Cevin Fisher - The Freaks Come Out (Prok & Fitch Original Rocks Remix)
^14 Willie Morales - Bang Goes The Drum (Robbie Rivera Nasty Mix)
^15 Santos Suarez - Juicy (Original Mix)
^16 Veerus and Maxie Devine - Silencism
^17 Nick Kamarera & Deepside DJs - Beautiful Days (Extended Version)
^18 Dizzee Rascal and Armand Van Helden - Bonkers
^19 Prok & Fitch Vs. Filthy Rich - Naga (Original Mix)
^20 Kings Of Leon - Sex On Fire (Richard Sharkey & Peter Sar Remix)
^21 Daft Punk - Around The World (Sebastien Leger Remix)
^22 DJ Roog ft. Greg & DJ Jeroenski - Your Mind Is Twisted (The Cube Guys Remix)
^23 Nadastrom - Pussy
^24 Alvaro Guerra, Kilian Dominguez & Dr.Bellido - Fruta Fresca
^25 Proxy - Raven (Crookers Remix)
^26 Tiga - Shoes EP (with Green Velvet Remix)
^27 Sidney Samson Vs. MSTRKRFT - Riverside bounce (Sheriff LF Party Mash up)
^28 Mathieu Bouthier & Muttonheads - Need U 2008 (Dim Chris Remix)
^29 DJ Pearl & Last Vegas - Sexy Girl (Malibu Breeze Remix)
^30 Spinnin' Elements - Rheinfels
^31 Afrojack - Polkedots

Also special thanks to RaZeR for finding many of the tracks! :) See ya soon!

Scared Of Me / Hardwell Remix

Great tech house Hardwell remix of new Fedde Le Grand banger! I prefer this remix instead original. This tune will rock the dancefloor!

Genre : Tech-House
Quality : 320 kbps
Length : 7:03
Size : 16.9 MB

Fedde Le Grand - Scared Of Me (Hardwell Remix)

Long Post

Due to a lack of time, I had to post this way... Sorry again.

Belocca vs. Jerry Ropero - Raspberimbau (Fruity Fresh & Funkelicious Bootleg) - Very good FF & Funkelicious work, very house style.

Austin Leeds - In The Air (Avicii Remix)
- Avicii impresses me with each new track since he started working with Laidback Luke.

Veerus, Maxie Devine - Fujiko (Sandro Monte Remix) - Great progressive work from mr. Monte.

Adrian Lux - Can't Sleep (Aviici vs Philgood Remix) - This remix got a cool sound with a nice structure.

Adrian Lux - Can't Sleep (Ali Payami Remix) - Best remix in this EP by my taste.

Adrian Lux - Can't Sleep (Marcus Schossow pres. 1985 Club Mix) - It has that Schossow's stamp, but really nice summer vibe also.

Super Viral Brothers - Hot Chocolate + Polar Bear Rug (Dada Life Remix) -Dada Life guys captured the true essence of electro here!

Stuff from BeatJunks :
Mike Dunn - Git Cho House On (Chocolate Puma Remix)
Gregor Salto vs. John Dahlback - Pyramid Gaav (Fruity Fresh & Funkelicious Bootleg)
Alvaro Pres. Luxx vs. Juice String - Ultimate Weed (Fruity Fresh Mash-up)
Steff Da Camp vs. Aaron Smith - Dancin’ Freakybeatza (Fruity Fresh & Revelo Mashup)

Promo / Cristi

Now we honor another great friend of ours from HM4L. Cristi is around with us since the begining, so we should pay some respect. Enjoy his great mix.

Tracklist :
1. Giordano - Amazzonia (David Tort Remix)
2. Steve Angello & Laidback Luke - Show Me Love (DBN Remix)
3. Veerus & Maxie Devine - Fujiko (Sandro Monte Remix)
4. Henrik B - Klyftamon
5. Mark Knight & Funkagenda - Good Times (Original Mix)
6. Norman Doray & Tristan Garner - Last Forever (Vocal Mix)
7. John Dalhback - Pyramid (Tristan Garner Edit)
8. Albin Myers & Sandro Monte feat Abigail Bailey - Somewhere (Original Mix)
9. Arias Vs TV Rock - It's Been A Long Tutu (Tristan Garner Bootleg)
10. Swedish House Mafia & Laidback Luke - Leave THe World Behind (Original Mix)

Cristi`s April Mix

Q-Pack No.1

I will try from time to time to post some "quality" packs with mostly new songs but also with some old. This post will mostly contain everything from Funky House to Tech-House. I will also rate some songs and write their genre. I hope you will like the tracks. Enjoy DJs!

^1 Arcade Mode - Your Love (Sebastian Ingrosso Remix) - Electro House / Nice driving rhythm with piano synths on top. Really nice tune. 8/10

^2 Chocolate Puma Feat. Shermanology - Only Love Can Save Me (Funkerman Remix) - Electro, Tech-House / Best remix of this vocal stomper. Amazing vocals really. 8/10

^3 Darin Epsilon - Tahitian Sunrise (Noel Sanger Remix) - Electro, Progressive House / Currently my No.1 track. Beautiful balearic sounds with great pumping bass. 9/10

^4 Deborah Cox - Beautiful U R (Gabi Newman Club Remix) - Vocal Progressive House /
I really love Gabi Newman's remixes. Just one more in the line. Great vocals. 8/10

^5 Dennis Ferrer - Infonia Della Notte (Original Mix) - Funky House / On the Strictly Rhythm label we bring you house master, Dennis Ferrer with his new beautiful track with some ethno vocals. 8.5/10

^6 Matteo Matteini - Beat The Streets - House / This guy amazed me with newest his release. I can't define this track, it's pure house in every mean. Give it a try. 8.5/10

^7 Matteo Matteini - Hyper Space - House / He is totally the featured producer in this pack! Again great track of his with some darker beats. 8/10

^8 Matteo Matteini - On The Road Again (Nicol Martorano & Roberto Capuano Remix) - Tech-House, Progressive / Best tech house I heard lately. Really quality song. Dancefloor bomb if you ask me. 9/10

^9 Morjac & Fred Falke Feat. Sarah Tyler - When We're Together (Plastik Funk Remix) - Electro House / Best electro remix of this new song. 8/10

^10 Neuroxyde, David Jones and Andy T - Balkanika (Club Mix) - Progressive House / I really like their tracks, but this one is so wicked. :) Balcan trumpets and claps with progressive and kinda a techy edge. 7.5/10

^11 Nicky Romero & Nilson - Can U Feel It (Vince Moogin Summer Sax Mix) - House / With some electro riffs and jazzy saxofon, totally great release. Bomb. 8.5/10

^12 Outfunk - Lost In Music (Eric Prydz Remix) - Electro House / This is old Eric Prydz style :) From Swedish Essentials, great track. Reminds me on Boogie Sound also from Prydz. 8/10

Quality: 320k
Size: 190 MB
Lenght: One mix :)

Download Q-Pack No. 1

P.S. Tracks are placed in alphabetic order, not some top10 order. :)


Hi guys. Thanks to our mate Gerrit, we're doing an interview with Stephan Dabruck and Frank Klein on Saturday, so I was wondering maybe you wanna ask them something for which you couldn't ask before.

Drop your questions in comments and we'll pick a few for which we think are best. Cheers!

Tchoko Tchaka / Original

Never forget that we are Electostation, so we try to post some unique electro tunes! This is really simple beat song with moody african vocals on top. I played it on Easter celebration, and many people went crazy on heavy bass. Similiar to Spencer & Hill or Klass style - something like harder Zookey song. ^^ Enjoy!

Force One - Tchoko Tchaka (Club Mix) @ 320k / Electro House [zippyshared]

Love Takes Over Remixes

Do I really need to add a description for these ones?

Happy Hands

Woo-ha, real electro remix from the German duo 'Moonbootica'. This tune has drive!!!

Genre : House/Electro
Quality : 320 kbps
Length : 6:25
Size : 15 MB

Dada Life - Happy Hands & Happy Feet (Moonbootica Remix)

Promo / Michael Meds

Hello! Here's some new stuff from NYC based house producer Michael Meds, including a new original for download, a mix and some preview players of future releases for labels Dirty Dutch Music, D.A.N.R. Records and more... Also, on May 1st, Michael Meds will be at Pacha in New York City.

Contact : Michael Meds / Mail

Here's a free giveaway track from Mike called 'Level'. It's something like a crossbreed between house and progressive.

Michael Meds - Level (Original Mix) / Direct Link

Check out his new mix also!

Tracklist :

  1. Mike Dunn - Git Cho House On (Chocolate Puma remix)
  2. Seductive Vs. Gregor Salto - Underground Mexer (Fruity Fresh remix)
  3. Cookie Monsterz & Tyree Cooper - Hip Housin' (Kid Massive Mix)
  4. Sidney Samson - Riverside (Ralvero Remix)
  5. DJ Jean - The Launch Relaunched (Bart B More No Strings Attached Remix)
  6. Don & Palm - Shine (Original Mix)
  7. Dave Moreaux - Once Again (Original Mix)
  8. John Acquaviva, Olivier Giacomotto - Sofa King (The Italian Cut)
  9. Franky Rizardo - Underflow (Original Mix)
  10. Deepa Groove - Brisha (Danny G Remix)
  11. Madkid - Ynobe (Original Mix)
  12. Boris Rush - Miami Push (Ralvero Remix)
  13. Erick E - Wanna Go Again (Bingo Players Remix)
  14. Chuckie & Afrojack ft. Shermanology - Freeriders (Dub)
  15. Canyon Boulevard - Crossfire (Original Mix)
  16. Nari and Milani Pres.dek 32 - Gnor (Mail Mix)

Also, check out future releases :

Lauren Flax Feat. Sia - You've Changed (Michael Meds remix)
Out on D.A.N.R. Records, Spring 2009

Chuckie - Let the Bass Kick (Michael Meds NYC Mix)
Out on Dirty Dutch Records, April 2009

Designer Drugs - Back up in this (Michael Meds Remix)
Out on IHeartComix, April 2009

David Guetta - F*ck Me I'm Famous (19.04.2009)

Just because there's no Luke's NTSH this week and cuz Afrojack's track is on. Enjoy.

Download :
David Guetta-Fuck Me Im Famous (Special M2o for Abruzzo)-04-18-SAT-2009

Mirror 1 :
David Guetta-Fuck Me Im Famous (Special M2o for Abruzzo)-04-18-SAT-2009

Mirror 2 :
David Guetta-Fuck Me Im Famous (Special M2o for Abruzzo)-04-18-SAT-2009

Mirror 3 :
David Guetta-Fuck Me Im Famous (Special M2o for Abruzzo)-04-18-SAT-2009

Mirror 4 :
David Guetta-Fuck Me Im Famous (Special M2o for Abruzzo)-04-18-SAT-2009

Tracklist :
01. Afrojack - Thief (Original Mix)
02. Phoenix - If I Ever Feel Better (Mark Knight&Funkagenda Remix)
03. Afrojack - ID
04. Radio Clit - Divine Gosa (Switch Remix) (Sidney Samson Edit)
05. Wolfgang Gartner - Yin (Original mix)
06. Major Lazer - Pon De Floor (Afrojack Vocal Version) (Even though he says "Afrojack's 'How I Like It', it's still unconfirmed, remember he named Prydz's 'Lift' as 'Pjanoo 2'..."
07. Miles Dyson - Minimal My Ass (Miles Dyson & Flutance Remix)
08. Chris Kaeser - The Rythm Of The Beat (Original Mix)
09. Jesse Rose - Touch My Horn (Original Mix)
10. Bob Marley - Sun is Shining (Funkerman Remix)
11. Tryee Cooper - Hip Housin (Kid Massive Remix)
12. Milton Jackson - ID
13. TV Rock - Been A Long Time (Laidback Luke Remix)

Promo / Mizzle

Hi guys! Today we're presenting a young new Dutch DJ & producer called Mizzle. Show up some respect for this guy and review his remixes.

Chemical Brothers - Galvanize (Mizzle Bootleg) / Preview Here

Review from Laidback Luke :
Ok, sounds good! Haha, I love the Teachers 2008 vocal in it.
I think that break-downs and tempo-substitutions are always difficult in tracks. In some way they sound strange to me. I think that certain elements in the track could be more outrageous in the mix though.
As so the hi hats in mate 1 and 3. And perhaps, the kick is a little too clean.
These are details and I think that the track is good enough for a lot of DJs to spin!

Steve Angello & Laidback Luke vs The Bloody Beetroots & Steve Aoki - Be Warp (Mizzle Mashup) / Preview Here - Bomb, Miksa played it in his "TOTH".

Pryda vs Funkerman - Falling in Lift (Mizzle Mashup) / Preview Here

Contact :

Oh, just one more thing... Does this looks familiar to you?

Promo / Jayforce - Fcukin EP

Hey guys one of Toronto's most successful young DJ's was kind enough to send us his new EP, "Fcukin" for you all to hear. These tracks are hot guys, I am absolutely loving the build up in "Bangin". Check them out and feel free to comment!

Jayforce - Fcukin
Jayforce - Bangin

Leave The World Behind Part 2

Finally the Dirty South remix of "Leave The World Behind" is released! The violin sounds are amazing!

Genre : House
Quality : 320 kbps
Length : 8:34
Size : 20.49 MB

Avaible on Trackitdown

Axwell, Ingrosso, Angello, Laidback Luke - Leave The World ehind (Dirty South Remix)

Miksa presents - Tales Of The Heroes EP 2

What's up, house music peeps? Havin' a good time? I'm sure you do. I did another episode of "TOFTH" since I got pretty good reviews on the last one. Here I tried to bring my sence & style of tracks I like. Enjoy & hope to see some critics!

Tracklist :
01. Daft Punk - One More Time (Philip Jensen's Aerodynamic Bootleg)
02. The Tough Alliance vs Seductive - Neo Sound (Angger Dimas Mash Up)
03. Reunited - Sun Is Shining (Funkerman Remix)
04. Avicii - Street Dance (Original Mix)
05. Pryda - Lift (Original Mix)
06. Calvin Harris – I'm Not Alone (Burns Rewerk)
07. DJ Tonka - Freeze (Original Mix)
08. Steve Angello, Axwell, Sebastian Ingrosso, Laidback Luke - Leave The World Behind (Original Mix)
09. LMFAO vs. Chuckie - Bass Kick In Miami (Inphinity's WMC 09 Mix)
10. Alvaro VS Jay J - Rock The One (ImanoS WMC 09 Bootleg)
11. Curses! - The Deep End (Bart B More Remix)
12. Mr. Oizo - Positif (Original Mix)
13. His Majesty Andre - Peep Thong (Original Mix)
14. Laidback Luke & Steve Angello vs The Bloody Beetroots & Steve Aoki - Be Warp (Mizzle Mashup)


Old But Gold / Deelat - United Tastes Of Deelat

When I just remember... This stuff was really in the shadow cuz Daft Punk was at their peek, as they released world famous "Around The World" as a best track at the time. Enjoy this monster filter disco thriller.

Deelat - Wet Indiez (Original Mix)

Deelat - G.M.F. (Original Mix) / played by LBL

Deelat - Wetness Anthem (Original Mix) / played by LBL

Concorde vs. Lady / DJ Jinx & Ruben de Ronde Booty

Really great bootleg. Played by Roger Sanchez in his show! Little darker beats, nicely done vocals, the right thing to start the night. This track is for some time on my wanted list. So enjoy in this share!

Artist: DJ Jinx & Ruben de Ronde
Title: Concorde vs. Lady (2009 Bootleg)
Genre: Bootleg / Progressive Track
Quality: 320k
Lenght: 05:19
Size: 12.1 MB


ImanoS April Assault Chart

Hey guys I have been quite busy recently, however I did find some time to compile a chart of some of the hottest tracks I have been listening to this past month. I also found time to record a mix with the chart tracklist, and it ended up being exactly one hour long. Most of it is fairly new so I hope you like it! Feel free to comment on the tracks.

1. The Doktor Feat. Emy Suanno - I See You (Alex Barattini Remix)
2. AnnaGrace - Let The Feelings Go (Hardwell Mix)
3. DJ Sign, Alexandra Prince - I Am Here For (Plastic Funk Remix)
4. Candy Girl - Chemical (DJ Pesho Remix)
5. Fedde Le Grand - Get This Feeling (Phillip O Remix)
6. Reza & Nicole Taylor - Take Me Home (Brown Sugar & Niko De Luca Remix)
7. Melvin Reese Feat. Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano - Lift U Up (Original 2009 Mix)
8. L.B.G. - As Good As My Love (Bart B More Secured Refix)
9. Barbara Tucker & David Vendetta - Anticipation (Sebastien Drums & Rolf Dyman Remix)
10. Eddie Thoneick Feat. Michael Feiner - Dont Let Me Down (Tonik Edit)

ImanoS - April Assault 2009 Mix


New song from Juan Magan! Spanish vocals similar to Santana's "Maria Maria". Summer rhythm like Yves Larock's songs. Nice commercial hit. Enjoy!

Genre: Latino House
Quality: 320 kbps
Lenght: 6:07
Size: 14 MB

Juan Magan - Mariah (Original Extended Mix)

Push The Feeling On / Abel Ramos

Very nice remix from Abel. I sure like it a lot, but I think many of you won't. Give it a try.

Genre : House
Quality : 320 kbps
Length : 7:00
Size : 16.08 MB

Nightcrawlers - Push The Feeling On (Abel Ramos Mix)

Love You Baby

This is very hot tune also, and one of my favourite at the moment.You won't regret by pressing download button!

Genre : Electro House
Quality : 320 kbps
Length : 6:43
Size : 15.4 MB

Out Of Office - Love You Baby (Dabruck & Klein Remix)

Come On

Big bomb, probably the best electro-house tune I heard for a while.If there is some people who like this style, they will share my view!

Genre : Electro-House
Quality : 320 kbps
Lenght : 6:31
Size : 14,2 MB

Javi Mula - Come On (Original Mix)

Lift / Melo / Reeperbahn

No words needed. No info needed. Download, press play and enjoy the ride.

Pryda - Lift (Original Mix)

Pryda - Melo (Original Mix)

Pryda - Reeperbahn (Original Mix)

All In One --> PRYDA014

No Turning Back

I feel deeply touched and I am overjoyed by this amazing tune! Can't describe the genre... Sounds like an indie/electro project like "The Postal Service". Soft guitarsounds with dreamful vocals!

Genre : Progressive/Indie
Quality : 320 kbps
Length : 7:43
Size : 17.5 MB

Gui Boratto - No Turning Back

Laidback Luke - Nighttime Superheroes (11.04.2009)

Tracklist :
01. Sis - Nesrib
02. Dek 32, Nari & Milani - Gnor (Mail Mix)
03. SonicC - Stickin' (Original Mix)
04. Dumb Dan - Lights Are Low (Stonebridge Re Edit) ???
05. ID
06. ID w/ Wahoo - Make Em Shake It (Acapella)
07. ID
08. Laidback Luke, Steve Angello - Be (Angger Dimas Re-Dark)
09. Daft Punk Vs. Bingo Players - Get Aerodynamic Up (Caramel & Vanilla Masterised Booty)
10. Rick Ross - Hustlin' (Asser Bootleg)
11. Lil Wayne - A Millie (Paul Anthony & ZXX Remix)
12. Albin Myers - Times Like These (Dada Life Remix)
13. DJ Tonka - Freeze (Original Mix)
14. Francis Preve & Wolfgang Gartner - Yin (Original Club Mix)
15. Patrice Baumel - ROAR (Original Mix) w/ Laidback Luke - Start Me Up (Acapella)
16. Deelat - Wetness Anthem w/ Le Le - Disco Vraiment
17. Burns - Disco (Original Mix)
18. ID
19. Laidback Luke, Sebastian Ingrosso, Axwell, Steve Angello - Leave The World Behind (The version with more percussion)
20. Avicii - Muja (Original Mix)
21. ID
22. David Guetta - Love Takes Over feat. Kelly Rowland (Laidback Luke Remix)

Promo / Parov Stelar - Monster EP

Drop the needle on the wax or push start to activate a massive blast!

Monster and Nosferatu are setting the dancefloors on fire! Mixed up with electrobasslines and heavy brasspower they represent a new face of Parov! Silent Snow the 3rd track on the EP takes the relaxed and groovy way. A hypnotic pianoline with the incredible skills of Sax Max show us the jazzy life of Parov Stelar.

Mom…I need this record!

1. Monster [ Preview ] [ Download Full 320 MP3 ] - Great track! Would rate it 7.5/10
2. Nosferatu [ Preview ] - This is so huge tune! Dancefloor bomb! 9/10
3. Silent Snow [ Preview ] The thing every DJ need. Good song to start the night 7/10

Personally this is one of the best PROMO releases we got lately (with Trixx of course) so download one promo track. If you like it support it buy purchasing it HERE @ BEATPORT

Enjoy <3

The Shame / Baggi Beggovic & Wez Clarke Mixes

This is so great release. I just had to post this two best mixes. Vocal is really amazing. Baggi Beggovic and Wez Clarke did great job on this future hit. Enjoy! All on zippy!

Lucien Foort - The Shame (Baggi Begovic Vocal Mix)
Lucien Foort - The Shame (Warren Clarke Remix)
Lucien Foort - The Shame (Wez Clarke Epic Mix)

Old But Gold / Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You

I was browsing trough my old CD's and guess what I found... Pure platinum track. Well guys, if you don't know at least one fact about Stardust, either you're a retard or you don't REALLY listen to house music.

The year was 1998, Stardust the electronic house music band was formed and it consisted of Benjamin Diamond, Alan Braxe and Thomas Bangalter (One half of Daft Punk, as we all know).

“Music Sounds Better With You” was the only track from project Stardust, and the 3 never collaborated again. They have become household names in the music industry after all these years but that track is unforgettable.

The song uses a catchy as hell sample from the track “Fate” by Chaka Khan and became one of the highest selling singles in UK. It was also used in Daft Punk in their live album Alive 2007, along with element of “One More Time” & “Human After All”.

So what are we doing looking ten years back? We are not looking back in anger but a few artists have decided to add their touch to the track and it must be said that it is a wonderful surprise. The original single had a radio edit, club remix and a Bob Sinclair remix included as well, but nothing compares to the original...

The video of the track was done by none other than Michel Gondry himself. It a a throwback to days where Michel was still doin MTV vids and Daft Punk wasn’t even famous. You have to watch it and download tracks below of course. You just have to, that's it. Point made.

Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You (Radio Edit)
Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You (12'' Club Mix)
Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You (Bob Sinclar Remix)

Remix Competition 2009 with Chris Lawyer & Thomy!

We got NEW REMIX CONTEST people! After first quite ok contest this one got much bigger prize! Chris Lawyer & Thomy send us e-mail cause they are looking for new and talented producers! The track that you need to remix is their worldwide known hit "We Gonna Feel It".

PORNOSTAR Records looking for new producers to remix Chris Lawyer & Thomy's worldwide smash hit WE GONNA FEEL IT. The track has been No1 position in 6 countries in 2007. Now is avaliable for all newcomers to get releases in summer of 2009!

Best remixes will be officially released on BEATPORT, and all international digital music stores including iTunes, Juno and etc.

Deadline: 10th May 2009
Please send all Remixes to:
Remix parts are in this link: Download Remix parts

Let's make some good remix!!! <3 <3 <3

WMC Pack No.2

WMC is over but that's no reason to post some tracks that were hot on WMC, right? :) We got 4 really great tunes in this pack. Just check it out :* P.S. All HQ 320k tracks...

^1 Nadia Ali - Love Story [Smile In Bed] (Sultan & Ned Shepard Remix) - amazing! Better than Mastiksoul :)
^2 Sandy Rivera & Jose Burgos - Papi (2009 Club Mix) - Reminds us of what house is.
^3 One51 - Together As One (The Flute Dub) - DJ Georg No.1 tune. Much thanks to him!
^4 DJ Fudge - Opal (Original Mix) - Saxofon bomb. Great release!

Download WMC Pack No.2

Ritmo Do Meu Flow / MastikSoul Remix

No need to explain this MONSTER DANCEFLOOR KILLER SONG!!! Top1 track! :D Just fucking press download! Regards to the zippyshare uploader!

Artist: Flow 212 feat. Rusty & Overule
Title: Ritmo Do Meu Flow (Mastiksoul Smash Mix)
Genre: Club-House
Quality: 320k
Lenght: 07:37
Size: 17.4 MB

Download @ zippyshare

I Can't Live Without Music / Chris Moody & Marcelo Oleas Remix

Really nice remix of this dancefloor bomb. More tribal with great guitar and powerfull synths. Released on Stealth Miami Sample 09! Enjoy!

Artist: The Transatlatins Ft. India
Title: I Can't Live Without Music (Chris Moody & Marcelo Oleas Remix)
Genre: Club-House
Quality: 207 (VBR)
Size: 11.9 MB
Lenght: 8:03


Addicted / Lutzenkirchen

This one of the best progressive-tech songs I heard for a while. Hot from WMC, new remix of Eric Entrena - Addicted made by one of the best german producers - Lutzenkirchen. Played also by Roger Sanchez @ Mansion WMC '09! I'm addicted to this song! Great lyrics! :) 

Eric Entrena - Addicted (Lutzenkirchen Remix)

Quality: 320k
Lenght: 06:28
Size: 14.8 MB